Britex Fabrics

So while my machine is out of action now may be a good time to show you a fantastic fabric shop which I recently visited. Although a little less local than may be useful!

On a recent trip to San Francisco I stopped at one of the BIGGEST fabric shops I have ever seen. Britex Fabrics. I did not just stumble upon this, I admit that it was premeditated (much to the other half's dismay).

Floor 1
Britex Fabrics - Geary Street, SF
Located on Geary Street near Union Square this impressive shop was set up by Martin Spector (originally from Poland) in 1952 after having moved to San Francisco with his wife. His vision for floor to ceiling walls of fabric was realised and spanning 120 feet its an incredible sight!

The building itself is 4 FLOORS! One of which is like an Aladdin's Cave haberdashery with every type of button and notion imaginable.The other three are home to local and internationally designed textiles with fabulous staff manning each station.

Floor 3 Notions
Wall to ceiling fabric
It was as the saying goes 'like being a kid in a candy shop'. But I was on the hunt for something elusive.....Missoni fabric. I have tried for a long time to get hold of this stuff. A beautiful Italian design light knit fabric used by Missoni which you can take home and create a garment for I have only ever found the odd one or two pieces of this fabric in the UK (perhaps I'm just not looking in the right places) but as we were in the area on holiday, it was the perfect opportunity to save some import duty and cruise the entire range!

I was served by a fabulous gentleman who helped select colours, measured me up so I bought the right quantity for my planned Missoni dress and even posed for a photo. What a star. Thank you man in Britex, I apologise for not getting your name. A lady upstairs on Floor 3 also spent a good 20 minutes choosing the right colour banding for the neckline and showing me how to sew it!

Best assistant ever - (Douglas!)
The chosen Missoni
All the while the men of our group had been offered a chair downstairs while they waited patiently...

A brilliant experience and a great purchase made. All I have to do now is figure out what the heck to make with it..... What should one do when pondering such things....a root beer in the sunshine. :-)

Decision time


  1. October 2013 at 19:00

    The fabulous gentleman is named Douglas! We're so glad that you visited Britex Fabrics during your holiday, and found such a beauteous fabric. Once you're done with your project, we'd love to post pictures of your completed work on our blog and our Facebook page. Just email me photos, plus any comments about your creative process that you'd care to share, and I'll put it up.

    1. Hello! I cant believe you read my little blog! Thank you very much indeed I will try and take some nice pictures :-)

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