'It's Not Mave' Tiered Skirt Tutorial

 Saint + Sofia continue to advertise to me and give me ideas.... so watcha gonna do?!

Completely inspired by a tiered maxi skirt I did the usual sewist trick of thinking 'hmm, I wonder if I can make that?'. Turns out yes. Yes you can. 

At first I toyed with the idea of getting the True Bias Mave Skirt which is pretty much a dead-ringer for the maxi skirt in question. So if you did want an actual pattern, that's probably the one to go for. 

This is NOT a Mave review as I didn't use it in the end. I went with Ye Olde 3 rectangles and a waistband method. 

I took a good look at the proportions of the skirt and had a little help from The Fabric Wrangler to measure down from my waist to thigh, thigh to mid calf and then calf to ankle for the three tiers. 

The top tier was 1.5 x my hip measurement, second tier 1.5 x the top, and the third tier 1.5 x the second. The waistband was just double the width of my elastic + a seam allowance. Like this:(Aparently this post is now a tutorial - let's go with it).

My hips are pretty big to start with so when you're going up in these increments, the fabric rectangles got hilarious. This is the third tier laid out on my landing!

My favourite way of gathering is just to use shirring elastic in the bobbin and so attaching the tiers wasn't too traumatic in the end. 

I used a 2" elastic for the waist and at first try on, there was too much fabric gathered at the waist. This probably wouldn't be an issue for most people but I have a 12" waist to hip difference and so a bit of the fullness needed to come out. I unpicked the waistband, shaped the top tier a bit to reduce the volume and reattached it. The top tier and waistband is now 'hip measurement + 6 inches'. So my pattern is now more like this:

Much better! I gave the elastic a few rows of top stitching to flatten it down and voila. Skirt.

I have previously said 'Emma doesn't do skirts' but I think I've found one I like!

 Excellent wafting about potential and also eliminates the whole 'my trousers don't fit' issue. 

Oops forget to mention the fabric - this is a hot pink leopard print viscose from Rainbow Fabrics. They don't have it anymore but I did see the same on Felicity Fabrics not long ago. 

Thanks for stopping by again, happy weekend x

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  1. Floaty maxies are perfect for those days that are too warm for pants but too chilly for short skirts and bare legs. At least, that's how it works for me! Thanks for the tutorial, intended or not.

    1. I agree! I shall have to be wearing more of these in future :)