Welcome to my new blog 'Sew What Are You Waiting For' - I hope you will find this an interesting and possibly useful read.

This Guy.
My name is Emma and I am a huge fabric addict who cannot resist purchasing ridiculous novelty prints! I am not a professional seamstress, just a gal who taught herself to sew about 5 years ago with books and the good ol' medium of the internet tutorial. Making your own clothes and other bits and pieces can be very rewarding - it's best achieved with patience (of which I have little),  wine (of which I have plenty) and this guy......my fellow fabric-aholic always ready to lend a hand.

I have played with the idea of doing a blog for some time but always figured 'who the hell would want to read what you have to say...'. But now I've hit my thirties, hell with it, let's do a sewing blog!

So bear with me, I'm no sewing expert and am not professing to show you an exact science or correct and perfect technique, neither am I the world's greatest writer - but what I can offer are handy 'how-to' tutorials for those who just fancy giving craft a go!

The plan is to do fairly simple craft tutorials, fabric shop reviews (the best places to buy locally and online), articles on fabric designers and quirky prints and some general sewing world related information which you may find of use.... do let me know if you have any requests!

Hope to see you here soon :-)

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