Black Lace Party Dress

It's been another age since the last post so Id thought I'd share this little creation. In between sewing up a load of Christmas presents I thought it only appropriate to throw myself a little treat in the mix...

I got this gorgeous stretch black lace from TiaKnight on eBay, otherwise known as In Fashion Fabrics. She's my go to gal for all things stretchy and jersey, a fantastic range and good quality fabrics...  

I wanted to show the versatility of the very simple stretch pattern I used on Missoni, this dress is the exact same pattern, the length is slightly shorter and the sleeves are 3/4 instead. 

The fabric has a great scalloped edge, so no hemming for me! Just have to make sure you measure carefully and have the scalloped edge sitting where you want it to. I intended this to be a bit longer but seems to work like this too. (Excuse the strange line in the photo, I couldnt find my underslip so had to improvise with ves top and bottoms!)

Sewn entirely on the overlocker as its sheer and all seams can be seen! Overlocker gives them a lovely clean black line instead :-)

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