Easy-Peasy Zip-Free Cushion Cover Tutorial

Hello again :)

Having taken the Christmas decs down today and given the living room a clear out I figured we could spruce it up further with some new sofa cushions. These are so quick and easy to make you could have a whole stack of them to change your mind about print every week! I used some robot print from Plush Addict.

This is a real beginners project as it just involves squares and sewing straight lines, the closure doesn't need a zip either but looks neat, sleek and tidy...

You will need:
  • Fabric
  • Cushion inside
  • Thread

I'm using a cushion filler that is 40cm x 40cm, you can get these in Wilkos and various places, about £1.50. This one came with the sofa those so I'm just re-using!

Step 1
Cut out a square of fabric for the front of your cushion. As the cushion is 40x40cm, the square of fabric is 43x43cm (that's because 40cm cushion, with 1.5cm seam allowance on either side = 43cm)

 Step 2
Now cut out the pieces for the back of the cushion, the back consists of 2 rectangles. You want a piece of fabric and 3/4 the length of the front. Actually you need 2 of these. Mine are 43cm across, 30cm down. (These rectangles get placed over each other and create an envelope style flap where the cushion filling can be inserted and removed).
1 front square, 2 back rectangles
Step 3
Hem one long edge on each of the back rectangles. As you will be able to see these turn a edge down about 1.5cm and sew it down to form a nice neat edge.

Step 4
Now we can assemble the cushion cover for sewing. The fabric should be placed together RIGHT SIDES FACING. The easiest way to do this is have your front piece on the table with the print the right way up and looking at you. Take one of the rectangles and line it up with the top edge of the front fabric, with the neat hemmed edge resting in the middle of the front piece print. (You should be looking at the back side of the rectangle, hard to show in the pics as I used black. If its print, the print should be right side facing inwards).
Line up back rectangle with hemmed edge in centre
Step 5
Place the second rectangle on the bottom. This will now overlap with the top piece forming a flap.

Bottom rectangle now placed over the top
Step 6
Pin all the way around the edge! No gaps needed just go for it :-)
Step 7
Sew all around! I went for the over locker so it created a neat finish straight away. You can use an ordinary machine, sew your edges 1.5cm in. If you don't want to neaten the raw edges don't worry about it, no-one will see them!
Step 8You now have your sewn up cushion cover! Cut the loose threads from the end and turn it inside out (the right way round!)

Step 9
Stuff it with your cushion filler! VoilĂ , one fab new sofa cushion....!

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  1. I really like your tutorial on making cushion cover. I want to know that how can i make Sofa Cushion Covers ????

    1. Hello, Im glad you like this - I am moving house but will be doing another cushion cover tutorial soon which includes a zip x