Let there be ladybirds!

This is the first bit of clothing I've made in ages. I bought this ladybird fabric some time ago with plans of a shirt dress however it caused some controversy about whether someone now in their thirties should actually be wearing ladybird print... Screw that I like ladybirds, and this is bright and summery, making a freshing change from my usual black wardrobe!

The pattern is self-drafted from scratch some time ago and I've used it countless times! I think I have at least 4 versions of this same dress. They do all look different thanks to fabric pattern, textures, lengths and embellishments which just goes to show how versatile having a well fitting go-to pattern can be.

It is a shirt dress pattern but as I'm not a fan of buttons as closures (sit down and flash everyone through the gaps between buttons) I stitched up securely up the front and put in a long concealed zip down the left side. I had attached a collar originally but felt like Harry Hill so that quickly got unpicked! The hot day also swung the vote in just having nothing around the neck, much cooler.

I was a bit hesitant in putting my face on this photo as I have crazy 'dried naturally in the sun and went weird' hair and no make-up on. That and I'm usually too vain to like any pictures of myself so tend to go for the 'cropped head' approach, but my cousin said I looked like my mum in this pic, and well as she was a fab lady that is a lovely thought indeed so I'll be brave and the pic can stay.


  1. I think they are lady bugs, not birds. Cute dress.

  2. I think that depends on where you are from :-) In Norfolk UK where I am they call them 'Bushy Barnabys'!! Now that is strange... and thank you :-)