Cheerful Painted Plant Pots - Tutorial

And now for something entirely different....

It seems the summer seems to be eluding us again this week however in an optimistic bid to bring back the sun I thought I'd share a mini tutorial.

It's been a bit finished sewing project heavy on here of late (although to be fair it is a sewing blog) so I thought I'd throw a bit of gardening crafts into the mix!

Not that you really need a 'tutorial' as such for this but here's how to pimp up a regular terracotta garden pot...

You will need:
  • Spray paint (suitable for outdoors)
  • Metallic paint (again just check its suitable for outdoor projects)
  • Plant pots
  • Brush
  • Something protective - polythene sheeting or some scrap cardboard

I chose a turquoise blue and...what I thought was coral, but later turned out to be baby pink - hence why that colour does not feature again in this post in plant-pot formation.

Get set up

Choose somewhere safe to spray! Ideally not indoors, if you do check the spray is safe to use inside and ventilate the hell out of the room. Best just to do this outside....
I found a giant bit of cardboard going spare so used it as a backdrop to protect the grass and fence.

Get spraying

Keep it nice and even, not too close to avoid drips and off you go! Then be patient and let it dry overnight.....

Add the band

I chose a metallic gold to put a contrast colour around the rim of the pot - this stuff was not soo great - it did take about 4 layers of paint to get a thick even finish. You can see the brush strokes but let's call it 'rustic'. Let it dry overnight again.

Plant up!

Find some lovely plants and get potting...making sure no-one eats the goods first. My back was turned for all of 10 seconds and THIS GUY got amongst it. Loves a viola...

There's tons of great ideas for designs and stencils on Pinterest - happy sunny days :-)

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