Named Inari

I had been curious about this pattern for a while but after coming into some good eBay luck in the form of neon and black Aztec print Jersey thought it would be perfect!

It's my first go at a Named Clothing pattern which I purchased from Indie Sew. My only issue was that the Inari Tee Dress pattern comes in different PDFs depending on what size you are. According to the chart I spanned between 38 on top and 40 at the hips - the lazy sewist in me did not want to cut and stick 2 files just for the sake of grading a bit.

The pattern is describe as a 'loose cocoon-shaped dress' - I was a little concerned at the word 'cocoon' as there was potential to look like I was wearing a sack or have my ass look the size of Canada.

After a bit of Internet research and reading other reviews I saw a lot of people had opted for the 38. Rachel at House of Pinhiero kindly assisted me on Twitter with some invaluable feedback - cut the size that fits on top as the bottom is very forgiving! Size 38 it is then. And it worked! (Thank youuu)

Apologies for the massively over exposed pics
All in it took about 30 mins to cut out - and 15 mins to sew up! I pretty much did the entire thing with the overlocker. In the end I do really like how the back piece comes round to the front, its a really interesting shape that I wouldn't have normally tried.

There are some fun little details too - love the little side splits. They were the only seams I had to do on the normal sewing machine to get the edges right. Its also got little sleeve cuff bands. I chose not to turn them up though. I also didn't do the neckline as per the pattern - just tidied up the edge with the overlocker and turned under to hem - no facings used.

Another super comfy addition to the wardrobe! However I do now have more summer dresses than there are sunny days in a UK summer - excuse for another holiday?!

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  1. Ooohhh, this fabric is gorgeous! I haven't tried a Named pattern -- I spy but haven't bought one yet! Your dress is perfect for summer and cocktails ;)

    1. Couldn't believe my luck when someone was gettig rid of the fabric on ebay! Always fancied a bit of neon. :-)