Mr Gray's Origami Gift Box - Tutorial

I learnt how to make these boxes absolutely years ago from one of the loveliest teachers... Mr Gray taught primary school - he was a Quaker (most of us had only ever seen this on an oat packet), creative and kind and didn't believe in homework. He let my grandad take us on a school trip (best day ever). He believed kids should be free while they were able. Instead he made us 'listen to music' and write everything that came to mind whilst a song was playing. He sang a comedy round robin song called 'black socks'....and he also made these bad boys. A lot. They never left me. If you're out there Mr Gray we salute you.

You will need:
  • Cardboard (or any kind of paper with thickness) - and that is all! No sewing, no gluing, no problem.
Step 1

Cut 2 squares of card, one of them needs to be 1cm smaller than the other - in the example I have 15cm square and a 14cm square.

Step 2

Flip the card over and fold all corners to the centre point.

Step 3

Now unfold the card again so you can see the lines it left. Take one corner point of the square and fold it up to touch the fold line on the opposite side.

Do this for all four corners and you'll be left with fold lines like this:

 Step 4

Along the straight edges of the square you can see that a small diamond shape has formed. Cut the length of this small diamond but no further.

Step 5

To the folding! Firstly take one of the corner points and fold it back to the centre point of the square.

 You then want to fold upwards, creating the side of your box as shown below:
Then take those little side wings and bend them inwards.
Repeat on the opposite corner point of the square.

Step 6

Now for the other sides. This time start with those 'wing' bits and fold them inwards.
Lift the side of the box upwards and put a little bend in the triangle at the top like an envelope.

This piece now comes all the way over the top, encases the wings from the other sides you already created and tucks neatly to the centre of the square.
Do the exact same with the opposite side and you have yourself a box! (Well....half a one) If you feel the need to glue do so, but the pieces tuck so neatly it should just stay in place quite solidly.

Step 7

Repeat the process with the other piece of card so you have two halves.
These should now fit inside of each other, all nested together.
Step 8

Go to town with the filling and the decorating - you have yourself some lovely little gift boxes to give!

Perfect for gifting jewellery or even sewing notions! A box of beautiful buttons...

Happy crafting - enjoy!

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