Happy New Year! Being Crafty in 2016

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year!

I enjoyed reading 2015 reviews on other blogs but I didn't want to re-post everything on here. Instead a little comment on 2015 would be that looking back to posts last January, I definitely saw a change over the year. I was feeling in stalemate and not learning anything new - but having something to actually look back to, the photo evidence, just shows how progress can be made. My projects were quite simple and I got a lot of the basics wrong, or 'just ok'. I also made a lot of things just for the sake of it, things that perhaps I would not choose to wear or would not be my style. A lot of it ended in a charity bag. Towards the end of the year I definitely saw a shift to trying to make things with more effort and skill. Back in September I joined community college to do night classes in dress making, back to basics, so I think this is having a good influence. I even tried to organise my patterns!

So 2016 sewing resolutions?

  • Put in the effort - I had a tendency to be lazy and a bit sloppy, then get annoyed with the result. Any wonder?? I'd also pick something 'easy' even if it wasn't exactly what I wanted.  Trying to take time over something and do it properly will hopefully alleviate some of the disappointment of a slack project!
  • PRACTICE - I need to not be so harsh on myself if things don't turn out right first time, it's easy to get a little downhearted when you see someone out there who has only been sewing a year make the most beautifully perfect creations - but hey, some are naturals but us mere mortals have to work at it!! 
  • Record and document - Firstly, if I think of a good project I need to draw it! Then, after trying patterns and making adjustments I need to write the adjustments down! I have a brain like a sieve so I just forget everything if its not on paper.  The solution - a perfect little book for this: 110 Creations: a sewist's notebook and Gertie's Sketchbook. Hopefully a great place to start!

    As for 2016 crafting plans - let's just say the list is an ever changing entity about a mile long, and realistically it's not all going to get done. However with good intention I would like to try:

    • This little trio - especially the Emery Dress which I've seen soooo many fantastic variations of on Pinterest 

    • Another man's shirt - long sleeves for my lovely :-)
    • Anything with this!!! I've been waiting ages for this collection to be released - so excited - spring octopus-wear here we come! Cotton and Steel - Tokyo Train Ride
    • I'd love to try a Watson Bra - but that may be a bit out of my league - who knows??

    Closet Case Files and Llladybird
    •  Plus a few more 'crafty' bits that aren't entirely sewing related - just for fun. 'Project ClydeArt' is in progress ;-)

    Have you got any resolutions or good intentions for the year? Would love to hear about them! Find me on  InstagramFacebookTwitterPinterest and Bloglovin too :-) xx


  1. So many good plans! And that Cotton and Steel fabric is wonderful. I have thought about getting a sketch book -- can't wait to see how you use it!

    1. I really fancy a simple skirt out of the blue octopus :-) I'm hoping the sketch book will inspire good ideas... (in theory!)