When they said maxi they really meant it... McCalls M7387

The sun is out this week so it only feels appropriate to post about a summer dress! I must quickly get this worn before the UK's only 45 minutes of sun for 2016 disappears.

So here we have McCalls 7387 - its a fairly new pattern from the Early Summer 2016 collection. I haven't seen many others out in the wild yet except for larcar_sews version on Instagram. Let's just say she made a much better job of it than I did.

I absolutely hacked this pattern quite considerably from what the original instructions intended. Part style choice/part confusion. I went for View E with sleeves.

Before and After faffing.
According to the packet I cut a...14 I think? And that was being cautious as my measurements were probably slightly bigger than the recommended 14. Which meant I'd bought the wrong version. But thank goodness I didn't go up a pack!

The first alteration I made was to omit the button fly. I hadn't noticed at first glance on the diagram but the buttons are all hidden behind the placket. I like buttons. So there they stayed on display. Sans fly piece.

I found the collar to be a little bizarre at first, as it finishes behind the button placket, rather than over it like a regular shirt. However after just going with it and finishing it looks ok, and it lays nice and flat once complete. 

This pattern comes with a funky little overlapped pleat at the back yoke which is a nice touch and also gives a lot of flowy fullness to the shirt. Perfect for a floaty maxi dress.

I came to finish the dress off and try it on - already having eyeballed before it looked a little too loose for a loose fit dress. It is ENORMOUS!! The collar gaped and I could have camped under there. Also the dress appears to be designed for someone over 6ft because I had to chop a good foot off the bottom of the dress. I'm 5ft7. Here is the original pic - however I have shaved off a bit of ease in this already, maybe 1" from either side. It's still the 'before' picture though!

Too cool.
I'm sure some festival chick on Pinterest could rock this with ease but I wasn't feeling it, it isn't me. The last time I went to a festival I stayed in a hotel. I felt the arms were far too low and the sleeve tabs gaped massively. It made me sad. Clothes should not make you sad.

I sound like I'm having a pop at the pattern but it was actually quite a nice one to sew and try out. Once tweaked I did like the end result. Plus I should have remembered the incredible ease built into these kind of patterns. I have already been down this road.

In order to rectify the situation  I took the dress in another 2" from just underneath the arm down to the hip line and shaped it a little. I also cut the sleeves off! Chopped them to about 3" away from the dropped sleeve seam line, folded over a couple of times to make a cuff and tacked into place. Same effect - less billowy. The neckline and collar is still oversized but not much I could do abot that. Here I am looking decidedly happier.

Clyde inspects the work.
If you've ever suffered a turtle bite to the toe you'll know why I'm always looking down in photos. Just have to share this belt I found at back of wardrobe....Heehee.

So there it is! A dress that does not look like the packet because I totally changed it. But now I like it and that's the important bit :-) This fantastic fabric is from The Textile Centre - who incidentally have a new website as well as an eBay shop. They are also currently offering 10% off all orders with the code ttcentre10 should you wish to use it. (I think that's ok to share?! It said share it on the flyer!) This is not a sponsored post I'm just sharing the love.

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  1. Nice dress, and a very cute belt.

  2. I'm having trouble understanding the instruction on how to sew the front band and fly. How did you do it?

    1. Hi Faith - I actually didn't. I had so much trouble understanding that too I just decided to miss it out completely and sew the button holes on the normal band! I saw your thread on Facebook - I hope you had some success :-)

  3. I am having trouble trying to understand the instructions on sewing the front band and fly

  4. Thank you. After quite a bit of persistance, I figured it out.