It's official - I'm a Simple Sew Patterns blogger!

Another quick post today - I promise there is some actual content coming up, had some time for a bit of sewing last couple of weeks which has been nice so will pop that on shortly :)

There's been a bit of an overhaul with Simple Sew Patterns  - who have now brought our over 50 sewing patterns suitable for all levels but especially beginners. (If the likes of me can make it so can you!!). They have also just launched a PDF range for download for mega-convenience.

To celebrate this, Simple Sew have expanded the Blogger Team - leaving it in the capable hands of Gabby from Gabberdashery and will be releasing multiple photo tutorials over the coming months to inspire and instruct. I believe the website is also getting a revamp with all the links for tutorials on each patern available. And I'm on the team! Yay! (My Veronika Dress tutorial is already up here.)

It's only one per month so don't worry I'm not going to flood the place purely with this - however it is exciting to me and I wanted to share :-)

Plus - I get to offer you some cheeky discount which is nice. You may have seen this already on social media however its still available until Midnight tonight. Take advantage!!

Feel free to comment and come and say hello on InstagramFacebookTwitterPinterest and Bloglovin too :-) xx


  1. Congrats! Looking forward to your makes (as they are always beautiful!). Discounts on patterns -- gah! how can I resist??

    1. Awww thanks Annie - I always feel my makes are a bit..'dated'? 'homemade'? even though they are. But you know what I mean! Anyway that's sweet of you to say. You know I'm a fan of yours too, especially the fabric choices! As for the discounts - dangerous right!