Soooo..... Norwich Sewcials started :)

I just wanted to write a little post today about my latest venture with The Fabric Wrangler and our attempt to set up a sewing social group in our area called Norwich Sewcials.

As I mentioned in a previous post, we plotted to set this up as there was nothing similar in the area and...well, why not really. However we quickly came to realise it was a fairly big deal to set up but we did it the best we could with what we had - which is essentially nothing, with the help of wise words from The Fold Line and English Girl at Home, hoping that people would be kind and join us for a coffee to set up this little group.

Cafe & Bar Marzano at The Forum were kind enough to let us have some space for free so we went to town decorating and trying to make it look welcoming all the while wondering whether anyone would actually turn up....

We could not have predicted the outcome.

Face after smiling face of people arrived at our table! Now I'll be the first to admit that despite my seemingly sometimes loud northern exterior - I am a mega anxious person and NO GOOD AT ALL at small talk and meeting new folks.  Which made this little venture all the more daunting. But my goodness these people were amazing. I was astounded at how kind everyone was, and really in the same boat. Straight away people sat down and began chatting like old friends and the room filled up, and the drinks came out and the volume increased and the patterns went flying around until we were overflowing !

There were way more people (over 20 that we counted) than we anticipated which was wonderful, as it would seem there was a need for this type of group in our area. There are obviously lessons to be learnt from this though - we need more space, we need more signs etc etc but this was our test meet up - we were seriously only expecting about 8 people to show up and I hope people have the patience and understanding that we are just giving this a go. But my goodness did that give us some drive to carry on and organise the next events! (And we have some good ones up our sleeve ;-) The next one is quiz night.... ;-)

So now apparently Norwich Sewcials is officially now a thing! Looking forward to seeing everyone again plus hopefully some new faces too :-)

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