Ogden Cami - True Bias

I needed a quick and easy project for the Sewing Weekender and the Ogden Cami by True Bias seemed to fit the bill.

Turns out when you're surrounded by people and massively distracted it was neither quick nor easy!

After measuring and using the size chart I came out as an 8 - 10...which rang alarm bells as I haven't been a size 8 in any sewing pattern ever. A quick toile was required to satisfy the suspicions and I'm glad I did. The front fit quite nicely however I was completely trapped in at the back and way too broad for the size. I flexed my arms forward in hulk style and it ripped straight down the centre back!

Mini panic set in as I had to pack that evening and I had no idea how to fix the pattern - however lovely boyfriend stepped up and pinned a spare bit of fabric into the gap made by the rip and drew the V back in! Genius. So the toile got dismantled and I was able to retrace the Frankenstein back piece into a new pattern piece.

We're off on our holidays to see some giant tortoises soon, so a tropical turtle print fabric from Minerva Crafts seemed appropriate! It's a cotton batik and therefore not particularly drapey which is a shame so the effect is a bit boxy.

In theory it should have been quite simple to assemble but I managed to mess the straps up several times by not reading the instructions properly - as I say I was very distracted! Due to the pattern alteration I had to make the back V does sit very low but I think it looks ok. I'm also struggling for decent pictures of this one but here is the general idea:

It is really enjoyable to make as its very neatly finished, its also half-lined for modesty and ease of bra-lessness in hot weather.

 I also had some liberty print left over from my Anna Dress last year and managed to squeeze another Ogden out of it! Seems a little fabric goes a long way with this pattern. This is cotton lawn and just a fraction softer for draping - but still not quite what the pattern calls for.

I do have a third one on the go! Goldilocks style the third fabric choice might be just right. Its a buttery soft viscose from The Textile Centre in Royal Blue. Mmmmm..... drapey, soft and lovely.

An extra 1cm of seam allowance was cut aswell for a bit of extra under arm room on this one. Fingers crossed it turns out well as I love the colour!

Update: It was lovely!

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  1. Turtles! I love it. These will be lovely with a skirt or pants and cards for the fall....

    1. Gotta love cosy fall wear. I have so much of this turtle print left its ridiculous - no idea what to make!

  2. Looks lovely. could you make it with only a metre?

    1. Oh yes a metre should be fine so long as your prin isnt directional or anything :)