From Porto With Love - or Norwich....the sentiment was the same.

Today I'm just sharing an attempt at a bag I made for a very special friend who helped me through one of the crappiest months in ages. Here's to November - October can do one.

I'm hoping by now she has received it and knows what it is otherwise I have just ruined the surprise - sorry mate!

I really enjoy making bags and its something I would like to improve upon next year - they are great but really time consuming to do properly with all the bells and whistles. I would have like this to have had far more features than it does but time ticked on and it needed to reach its new owner...

The fabric is by Sarah Watts for Cotton + Steel and is called 'From Porto With Love' - I thought this was perfect for my pal as she's a big cat lover and is currently flitting between here and the Mediterranean for her love who is placed there at the moment, so she's not had it easy either.

 It's just a really simple leather bottomed tote bag, leather straps and a navy blue contrast top stitch and lining inside. Hopefully it will get some use!

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  1. A thoughtful gift. I bet she will love it. Hope you both have an easier time of it in November x