Cobra Corsage - McCalls M7629 Boxy Shirt

After having noticed this pattern at a Norwich Sewcials event being made by a friend, I was strangely drawn to this new-ish McCalls shirt. It is not my usual style put it piqued my interest and thought I'd just go with it. In need of a few separates, I thought it could be a good wardrobe builder!

The shirt has a few collared variations however I opted for view A which has more of a woven tee feel about it.
The shirt is boxy in style, has no dart at all and only consists of front, black, sleeve and facing pieces!

As there are no darts and froofy details, it appeared to be a great way to use and show off some beautiful fabric without distorting the print.

This is 'Cobra Corsage' in cotton lawn from Fabric Godmother - I may have also bought the viscose version aswell...oops.

 As per usual the McCalls sizing was a mystery. The chart put me at a 14 bust and 18 everywhere else. As my packet only went up to a 14 I just cut that out and hoped for the best. The boxy shape and extraordinary amount of ease in the pattern meant that it fit just fine over the waist. Potentially a little too big if anything.

Weirdly my pattern didn't come with any instructions inside, so I just took a guess how to make it. Thanks to Sew Direct who later sorted that out and sent me a stack of instructions for next time! The only thing I didn't notice was there was supposed to be side vents in this version. Oh well.

I should really have given this a better press before taking pictures however light levels are hard to come by in November and time was short.

The only changes I made were to shorten the shoulder seams by 1cm and then adjust the sleeve piece accordingly, just so it sat a little better on my shoulders and didn't droop so much. I wonder if it may benefit from being a size smaller next time. WITHOUT a cardigan/coat on, the shirt is really nice and comfortable and hangs really well...however when I put a cardy on unfortunately it started riding up and gaping at the chest leading to wardrobe malfunction. I had to pop into M&S and grab a vest top!!

Not sure why it did this - perhaps just the fabric sticking to my knitwear? Any suggestions welcome as its put me off wearing it again, which is a shame as I actually quite like it as an alternative to a t-shirt for casual wear.

I couldn't find any matching buttons but found 2 blue and 2 green in my stash, and after a quick insta-poll, decided these would do just fine. They even match the snake and beetle!

A good quickie project; not a stunner but not a dud either. Another may be on the cards one day but potentially with a few fitting fixes...

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  1. It looks really lovely! Very classic shape but the fabric adds a nice wow factor when you see it close up. I love your labels too!

    1. thanks! they were from a shop on Etsy that were printed on a roll of ribbon :)

  2. Very pretty on you!! I love that the buttons don't match.

    1. Thanks Annie! :) Nice to see you back, hope you had some good holiday x