Cobra Kalle and Heist Tights Love

It's bacccckkkkkkk.... of course I made another Kalle. I bloody love it.


This gorgeous fabric is the Cobra Corsage viscose crepe from Fabric Godmother. I already used the lawn version for a McCalls shirt (which has already hit the 'out' pile as I didn't really like the shape)

The fabric has a lovely drape and is opaque so I wanted to make an easy to wear shirt dress - enter Kalle! This is the 3rd Kalle I have made - and I like this one as much as the others. The style is pretty roomy so this one got belted for a sleeker silhouette.

The high/low hem still works I think and adds a bit of interest, great with tights underneath for this cooler weather.

And just a little minute here to appreciate the wonder of Textile Garden buttons that added that extra pow to this beauty. 

On the subject of tights - I really just wanted to share something I have recently discovered (I may be 100 years late to this but whatever, revolutionary for me!) - Heist Tights!!

This is in no way sponsored, I just wanted to give them a shout out as I hate wearing tights, they make me feel like a segmented worm. However, I gave these bad boys a go and MAN are they comfy!!!! Firstly - just look at the pretty packaging (all recyclable aswell)

I received HANDS DOWN the best customer service of my life. The lady online advised as to what size I needed, high waist requirements and she sent me 2 pairs that arrived the next day. One of them was a bit tight so I inquired again - and they sent 2 more pairs in the next size for free!!!

The tights themselves are so high quality its unbelievable. You get a little cotton bag to keep them in labelled with the size, denier and style and the tights have a ridged marker inside indicating the back.

They don't pull or move, they have no seams, the waist stays up and over your tummy giving a nice shape and also pretty wonderful is that they don't really stick to clothes!

If you have also seen these and were wondering, here's 20% off. 

  Now time to make some more shirt dresses I think...

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The Forum Makers Month 2018

Wow it feels like an absolute age since I posted anything! Ah well, trying not to feel too guilty about that, health and work had to come first.

I thought I would however break with the project posting for today and pop a few pics of Makers' Month up on here.

The Forum in Norwich hosted a month long event whereby each day there would exhibitions, talks and different workshops teaching you how to knit, sew, crochet, spin, weave, print, embroider, quilt, draw, paint, sculpt, name it, it was there! It was an excellent project designed to encourage people in the region to give creativity a go. There was something different every day which was wonderful.

Our local group Norwich Sewcials were kindly invited and we hosted a Sewing Surgery and Pattern Translation Station for beginners to ask anything they liked about making clothes and sizing themselves. It was lovely to meet people from all walks of life and chat with interested folks keen to give things a go.

Hands down the best thing about the event was a little cabin playing a Nudinits movie. I would highly recommend taking a look! All about the villagers of Woolley Bush and Jim's prize winning cock.

Photo credit:
And did they save the best activity until last? Possibly! Myself and the Fabric Wrangler decided to catch up over a clay dinosaur sculpting class.... normal. Learning the techniques from Ray Noakes, making dinosaurs for film and television, off we set with an open mind!

Turns out, it was a fab way to spend an afternoon, very relaxing, bit different and thoroughly enjoyable to chat to others present.  We were presented with a concrete skull, reference books and Ray's guidance on how to build up the muscle structure and features and a whole host of creatures were born!

With time for a cuppa whilst they were dried I'd say that was an afternoon well spent. With a bit of luck The Forum will continue this event with Makers Month 2019 and I'll definitely be signing up to more of the workshops!

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