Sewing Saves Lives

Strap in people – this is going to be a weird one.

::Dramatic pause of about 2 months whilst debating writing the next bit::

Fuck it, here we go.

About 18 months ago I was told I had psychotic depression. I hadn’t spoken about it with my close family or friends and only a small handful of people knew. (Until today I guess.) I think I was worried people would treat me differently. Like I was labelled with ‘approach with caution’. ‘Psychotic’ means dangerous crazy right? No.

Thank you to my friends that knew – you saved me. (Sis that's you too). Thank you to friends that did not – you saved me too. You just didn’t know that when you were talking, I was probably seeing insects on the table or fire behind you. And they were just the bearable bits.Weird huh. I'll not frighten you with the rest, no-one ever needs to see that. (Tarantino has nothing on me baby).

This is nothing new, we’ve all seen it - people’s online persona, and even what you see in reality, is not necessarily the whole picture. If you look at my blog for the last 3 years I look ‘fine’. I was not fine. Trust me. But sewing played a HUGE part in getting to be more ‘fine’ than I’ve ever been before. Sewing is indeed therapy. (Yay to the Norwich Sewcials crew and all you sewcialists out there).

I KNOW I’m not the only one, this is just my story out of a million others. I know crafts and sewing play a massively similar role for many of you out there. I’ve seen your inspiring stories. (Many thanks to Elle of Sew Positivity who after a chat also inspired me to ‘come out’ and go for this project 😊)

To raise a bit of a glass to sewing (and also kick off my new Etsy shop!) I wanted to bring out these lovely pin badges (who doesn’t want to up their pin game?!) in order to have some fun and also raise some funds for the folks who also save lives. 20% of all the sales will go directly to Mind – a charity assisting those with mental health difficulties.

You can grab one from my Etsy shop (which as if by magic, has appeared in the top right menu bar of my blog) or just send me an email/DM for a quick Paypal deal- it would be wonderful if you’d support my mini-campaign!

Please do share with all enamel pin lovers and sewists alike!! x

This is not a moan, cry for attention or whatever other bullshit like that. It's just an important message that if anyone is going through some dark times of their own, just know that you CAN come back. It ain't easy but you can, so hang in there my loves we have your hand.

So people, onward and upwards - enough with feeling bad about ourselves, enough with those who judge us and do not understand, enough trying to be perfect and enough with trying to please everyone around…..

I’m Emma. I’m a bit crazy (I have been tested) – and I am enough. And so are you.

Thanks for reading x - feel free to comment and come and say hello on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Bloglovin too :-) xx


  1. You are enough my lovely. Feel free to swat the odd bug. Xx

  2. Emma, it's amazing how much people go through but still keep a semblance of normality for people like me that didn't know, and would never have guessed. I'm glad that Norwich Sewcials crew have been part of your journey. Here's to crazy fun times ahead...!

    1. Thanks Paula - yes the little known world of the brain is so strange! Here's to some more Sewcials fun :)

  3. Thanks for sharing your story. I was (finally) diagnosed with bipolar 14 years ago and you’ve made me stop and think of where I would be if I hadn’t started sewing again. It’s helped so many of us through some dark and difficult times. It is literally life saving!

    1. Hi Helen, and thanks for sharing yours :) The power of crafts! x

  4. Oh Emma, I have a tear in my eye reading your story, well done you for opening up about your struggles, why do we all pretend to be fine when we’re really not ? I’m glad that sewing has helped you through and if we socialists have helped even a little bit then I’m glad to have been part of that and hope we can continue to support you. XX

    1. Thanks so much Hazel what a lovely message x Cheers to some more Sewcials goodness :) xx

  5. Such a moving story with a happy ending! I am so glad sewing helped you in your healing journey.
    Thanks for sharing it here, I hope it will motivate others to find their "healing" craft too :)