Lots of Little Lizards - Elliott Sweater

Let's talk about lizards... ::pushes glasses towards end of nose::

These guys look like little geckos to me, cheeky beasts with sticky little toe pads.

This wonderful french terry was found in Anglia Fashion Fabrics when we had a 'fabric lock-in' last year with Norwich Sewcials. I love a bit of yellow and love a bit of reptile, so I was fairly easily persuaded to part with my cash when this was pointed out to me.

(To possibly your astonishment, there was also a turtle print but I chose this one instead!!)

This pattern is the Elliott Sweater by Helen's Closet. It's been doing the rounds on the interwebs for a while now but I only just got round to sewing it up. It's a time traveler top - cut out in 2018, sewn up in 2019. 

The pattern put me at an L-XL so that's what I went for, and turns out that was spot on. (As was the Blackwood!)

I tend to find that roll-necks bother me a bit and irritate my neck however in an attempt to step into a different style I did try this one. It's a great neckline as its actually quick wide and I cant even feel it on my neck, although its lovely and cosy. Admittedly this is the 'half neck option' - the 'tall neck' was a bit extreme for me and I probably would have just had my nose poking out of the top. 

I love the step hem and the long length which gives coverage where needed. It was a beautifully simple top to sew up and took under an hour to complete (after cutting). I'm surprised at how effective it is and how much I like wearing it. Since the cold weather started I've worn it absolutely loads as you can layer a good size t-shirt under there aswell without it being seen.

This pattern is incredibly similar to the Toaster Sweater although I think the main difference is that this has raglan sleeves, a steeper step-hem, no cuffs and a super turtle-neck option. I'd love to see if anyone has done a Toaster v Elliott comparison. I really like both patterns but I have to say I've worn this one more. I wouldn't rule out making it again if the right fabric cropped up either so that's always a sign of a good make :)

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  1. Amazing! I love the colour and I love the lizards.

    1. Thank you! I have been living in this for most of the cold days :)

  2. So snuggly! The color looks like it would help keep you warm, too. I'm glad you mentioned the similarities between the Elliott and the Toaster - it seems like this silhouette is everywhere in independent designers' collections this year.

    1. Yes I totally agree - they seemed to all come at once aswell :)