Pirate Peg Legs and Makers' Festival Part 2

Now that is a fairly random blog title.

A couple of weeks ago we were back at The Forum for Makers' Festival with a little pitch telling the world about the benefits of dress-making and making some beeswax food wraps!

We were on our feet all day so comfortable attire was needed - enter my usual uniform - the leggings!! Despite earlier new year musings on trying to move away from this basic staple of my wardrobe, I can't escape the fact that...I like them. Even if I do look like "someone stuffed a waterbed into a pair of Wranglers". And you can't fight nature. So why not be a connoisseur of leggings?

I came across this brilliantly themed fabric a few days before the event at SecondStarFabric called 'Make It Sew'. Not a company I was familiar with but they came up with some excellent service and the fabric is very high quality. 

Another slightly new to me company is Patterns For Pirates (P4P) - who I now have become quite a big fan due to the vast array of staple patterns and multiple versions available.

These are the 'Peg Legs' and I have to say - fit straight out of the packet with very little issue. Which for me is rare!

'One peg leg'
Their website is great as each pattern gives you a million pictures of women who have made these, of all shapes and sizes, so you can see what they will likely turn out like. Their Facebook group is also hilarious and a has wonderfully supportive and body-positive atmosphere.

As per the charts, I went for an XL and low and behold - leggings! The pattern is so simple and takes about an hour from start to finish. There is no side seam and they just wrap around the legs. Perfect for showing off a good print. You can whip up a pair with just 1 metre of fabric which is a bonus.

The absolute BEST part of these is the waistband. After some internet stalking I discovered there is an 'add-on' pack for this pattern (free) which includes a contour waistband that hugs you like a dream and seems to fix any rise issues at the front. I will never be making anything other than a contour waist...

Please excuse by bloody awful pictures. They were taken at 7am on my phone whilst rushing about trying to leave the house.

The leggings went down well on the day and had many comments from fellow crafters! There was so much to do and myself and The Fabric Wrangler were also next to a lady from Elegance of Henna and we got ourselves a little decoration...

To the other side of us was an 89-year old lady called Margaret who had knitted the entirety of Great Yarmouth sea front!!

I ditched the knitting in favour of crochet. How fickle I am. However maybe 1 needle may be more manageable than 2!? Eiether way, it was a wonderful festival and I'm pleased to hear it will be back again next year :)

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  1. Your leggings are terrific. Do you use a coverstitch? I don't have one and have been hesitant to sew something that needs as much stretch as leggings.

    1. Hi Barbara - no I dont have a coverstitch machine yet. These are really easy to make up on an overlocker - and eve then you can use a stretch stitch on your regaulr machine to make leggings :)