Sewing For Pleasure - Sewcials Road Trip

This is a pretty 'fresh' post by my standards! Having just got back from the NEC Birmingham for the Sewing For Pleasure exhibition I thought I'd do a little write up whilst it was still buzzing in my brain...(and before I collapse with exhaustion).

This was another of our little Norwich Sewcials ventures - get coach, get people, get fabric. Good times. Here is our van full of (hopefully) happy campers as we were leaving the NEC...

This was my first time at the NEC and only my second sewing exhibition (the first being Sewing Bee Live) so I thought I'd share some thoughts and highlights (whether you want them or not).

What struck me most was how much 'random' stuff there was. Don't get me wrong I thoroughly enjoyed the day and the sewing stands but I couldn't wrap my head around how massage, chinese hair clips or general 'tat' factored into things (other than obviously to fill space and make money). I did personally prefer the Sewing Bee Live exhibition, I just found Excel a lot nicer and the stands much more animated and relevant. That being said there were good times and goodies to be had at the NEC!

Of particular amazement to me was my discovery of TOFT. How this has passed me by I have no idea as I do love an animal... As a total newbie to crochet I fell in LOVE with Joanna the Lobster.

The fact someone has made this astounds me. The yarns and kits they had on offer were absolutely beautiful and the ladies were such good fun to talk to. Apparently the key to successful crochet is red wine. Fact. A few of Edward's Menagerie was also on display and you can buy kits to make them all!! The Fabric Wrangler settled for a book - so we can start at beginner level. Expect a lobster in a decade.

I finally got to see the infamous 'Geoff' in action at Mr Rosenberg's stand. I hear his name on a weekly basis at my sewing class as a few of the ladies are devout followers of Geoff and his bountiful bolts. Disciples of Geoff return with bags of beautiful, stroke-able goodies so I had to check it out. Not entirely my style however there were some BEAUTIFUL Italian silks that captured my heart. We very nearly bought some but were slightly priced out, having already spent our budget (and more) by this point. One day!

I picked up a beginner's knitting book as I thought I'd persevere and see what happened. Turns out a coach journey home is the place to give it a go as with a bit of encouragement and advice from fellow travellers I managed a few rows!

So what did we buy? Well.... good times were had at Fabrics Galore and Higgs & Higgs! 
I went for some awesome space themed viscose/cotton and teal double gauze with gold dots on for a couple of shirts. I also couldn't resist the colour of the lime/yellow heart viscose either! The top pieces of fabric are Sari silk which I have always wanted to get hold of and try sewing - I picked up these meter off-cuts for a bit of a bargain at the Silk Route.I'm thinking a simple Ogden cami for those to show off the print/colour and be cool in summer. Yes - there was a purchase at Toft, but it's a present so I'll not show it here! A few buttons were picked up at TotallyButtons 'just because'.

 Now - why are there some neon Aerolock threads there you may ask - errm.....because this is me lurking around the Janome stand...

and I MAY have bought a cover stitch machine. Maybe. Probably. Yes, I did. If anyone asks 'm blaming this guy:

Did you go to the show? Let me know what you thought :)

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