My First Me Made May

Me Made May has been going on for 10 YEARS!

Set up by So Zo, ...  it is a maker challenge that really let's you get to grips with your handmade clothes. I've seen so many people take part in this over the years, posting amazing pictures of their creations and I always thought I couldn't participate as I just didn't have or wear all that much handmade clothing. (Ridiculous considering how much I've made - most of which has been donated/recycled.)

Necklace from Pink Coat Club

As it turns out - you don't need a whole wardrobe of me-mades and you don't even have to picture each day. This was a revelation to me. The whole premise is you just create your own pledge and "follow it throughout May. Hopefully, by the end of the month, you will have learnt a whole load about yourself, your style, how you feel about your wardrobe, and how best to spend your clothes-making time going forwards."

My style has been having an overhaul lately, I love a bit of Kondo (yes, before it became popular!) and have started to properly identify with what my new lifestyle (even 2 years since it changed) now requires. The whole 'fast fashion' issue has got to me and I've been giving good though these days to what and where I buy and what natural fibers can be used and recycled. I've also just started reading The Curated Closet aswell so Me Made May seems to have come up nicely and compliments this journey well.

I figured this year was the year I'd give it a go and made my pledge...

"I, Emma (Crafty Clyde), sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May 2019. I endeavour to try and wear me me-mades where possible and attempt to style them, to help me to identify what I like to wear, what I don’t, and identify the me-mades I actually need to make on my quest for a handmade wardrobe during May 2019'"

I know full well I won't be able to wear me-made everyday however I'm looking forward to the experiment and identification of gaps in my sewing :)

And of course I bought the badge...(love how they chose the Pantone colour of the year for this). It's also very cool that 20% goes to Labour Behind The Label, an organization working to ensure worker safety, living wages and  improve conditions for workers in the global garment industry.

Are you participating this year?

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La Rana Che Sogna - Willamette Shirt

It's been a while since we've had a bit of weird on here...Today I present to you 'La Rana Che Sogna' (The Dreaming Frog) in shirt format.

Taken from the depths of my peculiar brain, this particular scene kept flashing into my mind for a long time. A frog daydreaming beautifully under the stars contemplating the universe. Bit deep?

I like frogs and I like space. That's better. Keep it real.

Well in order to do the frog justice and get it out of my system - off it hopped onto a shirt.

First let's start with how difficult it is to photograph anything black!! I was hoping to show off the lovely features of this  Hey June - Willamette Shirt pattern but the camera and crappy lighting had other ideas. Here's the line drawing:

The style of this shirt appealed to me as I love a collared top, but it's got that lovely casual vibe to it with the kimono sleeve shape and cuffed edges. I went for a mash-up of View A (without the contrast bottom half) and View B with the pockets.

Surprisingly there's not a button in sight on this pattern and it's a popover! The facing/placket gets sewn together at the centre front and falls open to create the lapels. I did close it up a bit higher than indicated as if I'd have bent down enough the whole thing would have just slipped over my head. Not what you need when out and about.

You could easily put buttons on this though as a preference as the framework is right there to just whack in some button holes where needed. 

I cut a 12/14 and as I was making it, it looked HUGE. I pressed on regardless to see how it would sit once the facings and seams had been done and it just pulled together at the last minute, size wise. As you can see although it's a loose shirt it has that 'semi-fitted' feel. I may potentially lengthen it a tad next time as it comes up a little short on me, but no so much to be bothersome. (:: I think that's the only time I have ever said 'bothersome' in my life:)

The fabric I used here is a black tencel from Fabric Magpie (PLEASE get some more in stock Boz!) and it is glorious to sew with. It's thicker than viscose but still has a drape and ease about it aswell as being airy to wear.

Unfortunately I overworked the placket and collars which gave me some ugly wrinkling but I'm hoping a good steam will sort that out next wash. The shirt has a yoke back which uses a burrito-method-on-crack as it also rolls up all the shirt and facings together. I did it wrong a couple of times as it was just a big black bundle and no way of knowing which way was up!!

There's barely any over locking with this either so a good project for a class/meet-up (Sewing Weekender I'm looking at you) or if you don't have an overlocker at all. All the hems are rolled or seams enclosed or french which all feels very fancy.

I already have another version of this shirt in the queue - will go for a more bright summery fabric and some buttons this time. (I do love a good button). And significantly less frog.

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The Stellan Tee - French Navy

This free pattern from French Navy seems to have been doing the rounds on Instagram and is proving to be quite popular!

I stumbled across The Stellan Tee whilst cruising new Indie patterns for trousers. I hadn't previously heard of French Navy so it was a happy discovery. I was actually in the market for something like the Calyer pants which I did download, but have since decided that they just will not suit my shape at all. All is not lost however as up popped this new (at the time) t-shirt release.

Unbelievably it's a free pattern, and as a t-shirt lover it was definitely worth a go!

It's a cute tee, quite short in the body, higher neck and a boxy shape, with longer than normal short sleeves - a 'trendy' tee if you will.

I made a size L to XL however part of me thinks it's still a bit small. It would certainly need lengthening if made again, but I'm not actually sure I would which is a shame.

For some reason I got a bit fixated on the lines at the arms. It LOOKS like its pulling underarm however on stalking other people's versions, it does the exact same. Turns out it's just the square cut of the t-shirt. Looking back at these pics it's actually not all that bad but something just niggles, and I think that's the cropped nature of it making me feel like I'm wearing a kids shirt. Not sure it's for my sturdier frame.

The tee itself however has some awesome features such as the lined back neckband. Unfortunately I didn't take a pic of that but essentially there's a piece of bias binding across the seam of the back neck. It's comfortable to wear and gives a really professional look.  This was also my first coverstitch project!

The fabric is some gloriously soft bamboo knit from SimplyBambooFabrics. Oooooo so soft.

Just to add a little flare I used some Happy Flock vinyl to create a little motif! I have previously bought vinyl sheets from eBay however I must admit, spending the extra pennies on the good stuff was absolutely worth it, the quality and adhesion is far superior.

A simple make with some not so simple details. Not a loss but not a massive win either. That being said it will absolutely get worn so no waste or harm done :) A good experiment in t-shirt shapes and cover stitching! Makers Gonna Learn right...

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