Un Cielo Estivo

A Summer Sky - quite literally when I took this photos on one of the hottest days of the year so far...

It's no secret that I'm a massive Closet Case Patterns fan, and I pounced on the new Rome Collection when it launched!

Pic: Closet Case Patterns Insta
 Within about 15 minutes of it going live on their site, I'd already added the Pietra Pants and Cielo dress to my cart. I resisted the full bundle however, as Me Made May pointed out, I just don't do skirts and I didn't really fancy Fiore.

I used to live in Rome so I think this collection, just by name alone, brought back a bit of nostalgia and spurred me on to get the patterns. (Weird fact, I discovered not long ago that myself and Randomly Happy were living there at the same time!)

In the week I bought this, the weather was super hot so I had the Cielo dress printed, taped and cut out within a few hours.

There are loads of sleeve and dress combos in this pattern but I just love the simple version. No frills. I didn't add the front pockets either as I thought it may be too bulky for the fabric I chose.

Enter the gold dotty double gauze from Higgs & Higgs.  So good I bought it thrice. (Mustard, Black and Peacock Green ;)

The fabric is gorgeous. It's opaque, soft, cool, easy to press and sew and well...dotty.

With regard to the pattern, it put me at a 14, so a 14 I did make. I do feel however it's potentially a bit big. I don't know if it's just the style, but the pics of other people wearing this don't seem so voluminous. I guess I could shave a bit off the sides but actually the big roomy nature of this was great for the heat. Clothing that doesn't touch your body.

The dress sewed up in a couple of hours, a simple make however I did go for the simplest version possible. As usual the pattern is very well drafted and the pieces all fit together nicely. Don't you just love it when pattern pieces fit how they should...Sleeve satisfaction right here:

There is a bust dart which gives the front a bit of shaping and I found that to be a nice touch. There's also the option to bind the neckline or use a facing. I didn't have enough fabric to cut the bias binding strip so used some black jersey binding from the stash. Worked a treat.

I'd say it wasn't the most interesting thing I've ever made but it certainly is the comfiest and quickest! Now where to go sightseeing....

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