Blending in on Union Street

Hey June - howd'ya get your patterns soooo good?

This is not a new pattern for me, but it's certainly a favourite and the most versatile. After multiple attempts at finding the perfect tee - turns out I had it all along. Hey June Handmade - Union St. Tee.

This post is all about blending into the wild.... camouflage at it's best.

Can you see me?

How amazing is this chameleon fabric?! From Olumis, I already used this for a friend's Ogden top and had a load stashed for something fabulous. It has vivid colours and such good quality, resistance was futile.

After toying with the idea of a jumpsuit, I opted for something I would get more wear out of. Enter the Union St. dress hack - again. Simple, sleeveless and sassy. I added a pop of colour to the neckline with some jersey bias binding from Beyond Measure. I tried to add it to the arm holes aswell but it ended up too tight so got snipped.

Next up, a very similar dress but in a really different fabric. This absolute beauty is from Enchanted Fabrics (a UK pre-order site) and is the slinkiest, softest bamboo lycra. Perfect for those urban safari's.

And last but not least - for when you need to go incognito near the sea. BOOM. No-one will be able to spot you near the rock pools in this one.

I have to thank a lady on The Fold Line Facebook group for this inspiration as she posted a picture from Pinterest of this beautiful fabric. It turned out it was available from Spoonflower called Tides#3 and wow I was taken.

A simple tee dress was in store for this to use the print to it's full effect. I only JUST managed to squeeze this out of the fabric, hence the rocky sleeve vs. water sleeve.

I am also significantly wider than the Pinterest girl so on the back there is a line where the image repeats. Who cares though. I haven't worn this yet as I really enjoyed making it, rarely wear white/lights and feel like I'm going to drop something on it! It will get worn though...

It's quite funny looking back at my last few posts as I always used to wear black... Colour feels so much better these days.

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