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Hello all

I lost my sewjo for a little bit back there but it seems to be back in action -yay! Unfortunately although I've made a few bits - poor light, poor weather and lack of time means I just haven't been able to grab any pics just yet.

So today dear folks, I just wanted to do a little post about my Etsy shop. Crafty Clyde's Emporium.

I always fancied having an Etsy shop, and over the years used to sell a few handmade bits and pieces - bags, purses etc. But it was always a bit random. One day I just wanted to make a tortoise necklace so I thought - go with what you know!

The other reason my shop has gone totally turtle is because there is a huge lack of tortoise related goodies in the UK. For all the tortie lovers out there (and I'm assured it's not just me) I thought I'd do us all a favour and create a little gift shop based on my 3 little lovelies.

I designed these little drawings based on Clyde (big green), Sammy (melllow yellow) and Esther (the little lovely) and ran with it...

So far I've gone for washi tape, stickers, necklaces, keyrings, glitter tortoises and tree decorations! If there are any tortoise types out there that would like to request something do let me know!

Little Esther has proved to be quite popular, as are the tree decorations at the moment which is nice. Now don't get me wrong I can't retire off this and move to Hawaii or anything, it is just a hobby!

Anyway I thought I would just share this on here - should anyone have tortoise types in their life that would love a little reptilian based gift you know where to go!

Many thanks for reading - normal sewing service shall resume shortly.....

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