Sasha and The Techincolour Trousers

This was one of those project ideas where it gets inside your head and just won't quit until you make it...

Totally inspired by these joggers from Hush, I decided that nothing other than rainbow stripe trousers would do. I actually thought these were proper trousers until looking at the website. Turns out these are just comfy joggers. Not sure about the boot/jogger combo myself - looks like something I'd whack on to get the laundry out the garden in. #anyshoeswilldo

So why buy something when you can make it for about 3 times the price and 10 times the effort. (::eye roll::) The answer dear friends is...BECAUSE WE CAN.

My version of these are here...

I knew instantly that the quality ponte fabric from Minerva would look beautiful with colour as it is solid, strong fabric and so black it's almost invisible.  (Unlike my last post, I did buy this ponte!!) It's not cheap, but it's worth every penny in my opinion.

I then had to 'crowd source' the rainbow side stripe but putting a call out on The Fold Line Facebook group. It was there I discovered Little T's Haberdashery and the rest is history (rainbow ALL the things).

They sell actual SIDE stripe!! I was thinking normal coloured elastic would probably do the trick as the main fabric is stretchy and the side seams wouldn't need to move too much. Enter the side-stretch elastic - bendy both vertical and horizontal! A revelation.

After a bit of pattern, and soul, searching I resided myself to the fact that much fitting would have to be done on these dream trousers. I then discovered to my amazement, my Sasha trousers from last year still fit (even though nothing else does) and the crotch curve on those are great - so why mess with a perfectly good system. The Closet Case Patterns Sasha Trousers it was!

The trousers are designed for stretch cotton so I figured a sturdy ponte would be able to handle it.  Plus - comfy. They did not disappoint.

Pretty guts
I went to absolute town on the inside of these. The facings were made from scraps of viscose I used in my Armidale dress and the overlocking/coverstitch just had to be rainbow really didn't it. Another fab purchase from Little T's ;). I attached the elastic stripes with a chain stitch for stretch - the looper thread is rainbow and the top thread matched the stripe colour so it didn't show on the outside. I just hope it stays in place :-/

I know I say this a lot, but these are really one of my favourite makes to date. I think because I spent a lot of time and care trying to get every element just right, and the end result paid off as some comfy trousers that make me feel good to wear. Stylish but functional.

Not massively seasonal but a great pair of trousers for all year round!

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  1. These are amazing! I really want to make a pair of trousers with a stripe down the side now, it's such a good idea.

    1. Thank you! I would highly recommend this elastic it’s brilliant :)