Villanelle and the Mighty Sports Bra

Sliding in a little late to the Killing Eve references but did not want to miss the chance to share this little number...

If anyone watched Series 2 no doubt you will have seen Villanelle's rather marvelous Pyjamas/escape outfit. It had the news going mad for where you could buy a set. But from where?!

Turns out it was custom made from good-ol' British Funkifabrics!! I definitely could not resist this little fabric purchase. And it was little, as I could only get 1 meter. Pj's were definitely out of the running - however the material is flex-Lycra so you wouldn't want to be sleeping in them in any case!

What is brilliant and what you can't see in the show, is that there are also silver glittery bits adding that little bit 'extra' to fabric that's already quite extra in its own right.

Pic from Funkifabrics

So I was reading a post the other day, and it had also been mentioned in Yoga with Adrien that power poses can affect how you feel. Makes sense. Apparently standing like a super hero lowers the levels of cortisol in our blood and increases levels of testosterone, which elevates confidence. Feeling a bit hefty of late let's give it a go.....

Confident like Villanelle? Not sure about that. Paranoid about my neighbours watching me do this, yes.

This little number consists of The Mighty Sports Bra by Evie LaLuve.

I had heard the pattern ran quite small but I cut my measurements as per the chart provided and it was great! It's obviously very stretchy and therefore forgiving but this bad boy is going to hold you in for any sport that is for sure! For the first attempt at the pattern I went full bells and whistles to check all the elements.  I would definitely make another of these, even just the basic version without overlay.

It's far from perfect as my attempts at fold over elastic were a bit wonky and stretched out however the overall effect is ok. I'm also bigger than the mannequin so the wonky bits actually stretch out and sit flat on mine when I'm wearing it.

The top is compressed and designed as a sport bra rather than a lounge bra and therefore it has good length. The interior is double lined and there's even room to pop foam inserts for extra oomph and support. My cover stitch did NOT enjoy the thick elastic band at the bottom.

The leggings are whipped up from Apostrophe Patterns 'My Fit' Leggings.

You input your measurements and hey presto, a leggings pattern pops out. These are plain and simple ones with a contour waistband. I've also encased 1.5" elastic in the top of these aswell for extra hold around the middle! Ridiculously comfy.

Now to be honest, I will never wear this whole outfit out of the house like in the pics, and if I do it will be with a more appropriate vest-top over it! That being said it's a fab 'costume' and would be good for something like a fun run or Tough Mudder etc. So much fun to make!

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