Wrapped In Love - Ellie & Mac

The other week Norwich Sewcials had a 'virtual retreat' instead of the actual planned holiday that should have taken place. But let's not dwell on that. As part of the retreat I just fancied making something a little frivolous to perk myself up.

I had stashed some gorgeous stripe jersey from Fabric Magpie a year or two ago with the intention of making a maxi t-shirt dress for summer - this never materialized. It's beautifully soft and opaque and I loved that the stripes were irregular. I think she still has this for sale!

Pic from Fabric Magpie
For some weird reason I had an email pop up from Ellie & Mac - a pattern company I had never heard of before. It's got some fairly cute designs, very similar feel to Patterns for Pirates and that kind of thing. Low and behold a maxi dress popped up on sale so I thought I'd give something new a try!

The Wrapped In Love pattern is a basic(ish) t-shirt bodice and a faux wrap skirt. It takes up a LOT of fabric but fortunately I had hoarded 3m and it was just right to fit on.

I think I made the XXL size but as the skirt is a wrap style it's fairly forgiving if you don't get the exact size cut.

It whipped up fairly quickly however I did have to make some adjustments. The bodice was too short so I added a 'waistband' strip onto the bottom of it (about 2"). To be fair the instructions do tell you to make bodice adjustments for just this but I sort of....did not read them at all.

The other thing I failed to spot was that the waist is gathered. Ughh. Me and gathers are not friends.

The above picture is attempt number 1 and I just felt so frumpy and massive around the middle. In slight despair that I'd wasted the day making this, I had a Tim Gunn 'Make It Work' moment and took the scissors to it.

Off came the bodice, out came all the gathers and I reshaped the skirt as an A-line shape to match up with the waist seam. Much better!

Here I am feeling it. Feeling less of a dumpling anyway.

I think it helped that the sun was shining and I went out for a lovely glass of wine on the patio whilst wearing the dress pretending I was in San Tropez or something.

Without gathers the back is also a lot more flattering as it takes out all that poofy volume.

The dress comes with a waist tie which I quite like as it breaks up the designs and hides the waist seam nicely. The only change I still need to make is to sew down the leg split a bit because when you sit or the wind gets up, it gets a bit x-rated.

So not the greatest thing I've ever made but not the worst either. I have worn it which is something, but promptly spilled curry on it so spent the next 2 days trying to sun bleach turmeric out of the front. It worked. Phew.

I feel a bit indifferent to this make which is a shame however it is a nice break from leggings/t-shirt uniform of home working and the sleeves make it a good choice for cooler weather. It's not been written off - perhaps it's a slow burner and eventually I'll be Wrapped In Love.

 You may cringe now.

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  1. The Aline skirt looks great, definitely an improvement! I love the fabric and tie.

    1. I think anything was an improvement on the first go heehee