Frogs, Felt and Festive Legs

'Tis the season of Tinsel and Toads... Just me?

I've got a few festive makes to show you today, and they brought so much joy to make!

First up is my felt wreath three weeks in the making. This WAS supposed to be the 'Jingle Bells of Christmas' wreath by ThreadED complete with bells and reindeer however.... well I'm not great at sticking to script.

Plus Christmas is all about family right? Well mine is shelled and furry and they deserved a little place on the mantelpiece.

It did take some effort to start with as I hated the metallic embroidery thread.I could neither split it or thread it and it was just tedious. I very nearly gave up as it just wasn't enjoyable at all. In a last ditch attempt I ordered some Gutermann metallic machine thread and a crewel needle and it was plain sailing after that. I made a pile of leaves each evening watching TV and they soon piled up. 

I love how squishy and 3D this wreath is (difficult to picture). I also added little munched leaves for the tortoises. Don't get me started on the glue gun - amazing times to be had there.

Next up was a little project I got stuck in my head and had to realize. I was doodling a frog (as you do) and decided it needed to feature on a bit of clothing. I added a little Santa hat and drew a bit of text and was well away...

Here's where the Cricut is amazing - a bit of scanning and faffing with the images in the software meant that I could cut out the individual colour pieces needed to layer up some HTV and made a sweater applique. I went for Glitter Flex from Happy Fabrics and it sticks beautifully. 

The jumper is black sweat shirting from Fabric Godmother made into a Toaster Sweater. 

So I mayyyyy have given myself the early Christmas present of a Cricut Easy Press and it is AMAZING. It made applying HTV and absolute piece of cake. Set the temperature and time and off you go. So much better than an iron and actually well worth it. This is the result!

I just love it so much and can't wait to wear it.The toaster sweater is also long line and so makes for a comfy covered Christmas jumper!

Just in case this wasn't ridiculous enough I've made myself a pair of leggings to wear with it. Enter the Funkifabrics festive legs. (Just FYI this is the 'Flex All-rounder' lycra base and gives good opaque coverage and plenty of stretch).

Wishing everyone a happy holiday whatever that looks like for you!

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