This Sh*t was a Sheep

Today's title comes to you courtesy of my sister who had this first reaction to me showing her my latest attempt at knitting.

Whilst listing the many things that had gone wrong she fantastically just replied with 'Yeah but man... that shit was a sheep!' Instant perspective. 

It was a sheep - and frankly it feels like I'm wearing the entire sheep, such is the sheer weight of this thing!

A little foray into jumper knitting led me to a nice 'easy' pattern by Sewrella excellently named 'Simple Knit Sweater'. 

I had also picked up some amazing chunky wool from We Are Knitters in the sale last year as I fell for it's painterly charm, without actually having a clue or any ability on what to do with it. Small details.  

Pic from We Are Knitters

 For the most part, the sweater was in fact quite easy to make. If you can knit and purl you can do this essentially. 

I knitted away happily for several weeks and felt pretty pleased that I'd even managed the collar, but clearly the sizing had gone astray at some point. I tried it on and it was pretty big, however not unwearable, and the oversize style was quite nice.

It was then I tried to block it, without really knowing much about anything. Wash, squeeze, pin dry? I even measured the sleeves/length for pinning so I'm not sure what's happened.

It took a good 4 days to dry (wet sheep) and then I tried it on again and... oh the arms!!!!! I can't even roll the sleeves as the cuff then becomes about a kilometer thick. wait and seek help post-lockdown? To unravel and turn it into a blanket? Or attempt some kind of ill-thought-out rescue attempt. 

And that is where this blog posted ended until several days later....

Of course I messed with it. I have no self control. What I do have though is a group of lovely sewing/knitting friends who kindly talked me through how to fix it!

The Great Unravel

To my amazement it actually worked and now I have a jumper that fits! (Kind of - it's still massive but I think that's the style).

Finished just before the snow came and the temperatures dropped! I've been wearing it ever since like a duvet.

The tortoises are all still tucked up sleeping - just as well for now!

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