Hey June - A Colourful Union

It's back again. 

The Hey June Handmade - Union St. Tee (dress) now with added 'back-hack'.

I know I've blogged about this tee and it's many incarnations several times but the 'back-hack' pattern piece deserved some more air time I think. Plus - I have some fun fabric prints to show you. 

For anyone with sway back, curves or a need for back shaping this FREE add-on is an absolute game changer.  It took my favourite tee dress to a way better fit and I can't get enough of it. The best bit is that the add-on can be used with ANY of the Hey June Handmade top patterns. Yay. 

Contours without Cling. There's a fit I can get on board with. 

This pattern is fab for showing off a great print - if you're into that kind of thing. Which I am. 

Here are some different prints and weights of fabric that this pattern has been whipped up in.

Let's start with this epic 'Cat Portrait' Frida Khalo Cats organic knit jersey from Flamingo Fabrics. Ridiculously soft and stretchy and an easy weight to sew with. Bonus points for the 'mad cat lady' look.

Equally as ridiculous, but not as obvious at first glance, is this striped Snoopy print jersey. This was from a German company called Stoffe-Werning - back before #brexshit when you could order from the EU without issue. Great quality again, a little more tightness to it.

Neon Turtles and Jellyfish - the natural look. Another great cotton jersey from Jelly Fabrics.

 Back with the bugs again from Flamingo Fabrics.

Turning the dial down a bit now to more of a subdued look is some single jersey from Sewisfaction - it is Cerise Leopard and a lot thinner than the others making it very stretchy and breathable.

Lastly, and possibly my favourite although it's hard to choose, is this 'Dark Mirror fabric from.. you guessed it. Flamingo Fabrics. This also feels a little thinner than to other cotton jersey however it's gorgeously soft and opaque. I still have some of this left for more of a strappy summer dress in due course.

There we have it - day of the week dresses for Spring! Well done if you made it down here. 

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