Kalle ReCut

It was third time lucky for this shirt. 

I know I post mostly about successful makes - but don't get me wrong, there are many fails!! 

I'd got this idea in my head about a nice black shirt with bright trim around it - about a year ago. I tried the Melilot pattern. That went wrong, way too small and I couldn't move my arms. I tried a Style Arc shirt. Same issue so I cut off the sleeves, then it looked ridiculous, then I put a hole in it. 

The idea went on hold until a realization hit me - why not stick with a classic. The Kalle Shirt. It's like going home...

I completely re-cut the pattern as the old version no longer fit. This one is a 16-18. It's roomy and has tons of ease so a great option for these cooler summer days. 

The fabric is excellent Viscose Linen Flow from Lamazi Fabrics. Same stuff I used for my Wiksten. I could not recommend this fabric more if I tried, it's just gorgeous to work with and wear. 

 The lines of the Kalle shirt worked well for my trim as it followed the shoulder and yoke lines really well, and turned out to be the exact width of the cuff - that was pure chance.

The trim is from Mokshatrim and they have some utterly gorgeous trims, ribbons and appliques. 

I feel better for getting this make out of my system as it was a long time coming. And what better label for the third time lucky?

Couldn't have said it better myself. 

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  1. The ribbon is such a great idea!

  2. omg i love your sewn in tag! and the trim is gorgeous!