Une Elodie pour été

Coming in with another repeat pattern but one I though was worth sharing... the Elodie Dress by Closet Core Patterns.

 I have made this before in a cotton lawn here and the fit and style was lovely and dress extremely comfortable. Good criteria for a wedding guest outfit in summer!

A while back I had found this amazing 'Italian Soft Silky Rayon' from Stitch Fabrics - a firm favourite shop with the ladies from my sewing group! 

 It was begging to become something glamorous and I initially saved it to make a robe however the handle of the fabric lent itself really well to a wrap dress.  

I used the same size - 14 top grading to 16 at the waist (no need to grade for hips as the wrap around is huge) and it fit pretty well. I think the softer fabric made it look bigger potentially with the drape at the front and back. 

Time was not on my side with this one as I really wanted to wear it to a friend's wedding, and did the usual trick of finishing it just the day before. The hem is wonky - despite measuring the EXACT SAME at all seams so I have just decided to leave that alone.

Once again I really struggled with the construction of the side opening where the belt threads through and it looks a bit of a mess - however when wrapped at least the belt partially covers it!

This was not fabric friendly in terms of quantity either as it took a huge 4m! There is a bit left for a little cami top or something though so I'm happy with that. 

I just love this print - it feels so 'extra' and wearing it felt very elegant due to the silky feel. This is the most dressed up I'd been in 2 years. 

This is such a versatile pattern and I would actually like to make a casual version in linen or something similar if we ever get to go on holiday again. (We can but dream).

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