Snoopy Christmas Quilt

Just popping on today to share a cute little make that was partially part of my Minerva brand ambassador-ness and part because I love Snoopy and had bought an absolute ton of Christmas fabric from Elephant In My Handbag.

I have collected Snoopy bits and bobs since being a kid because it was a pretty rare find - these days he's all over the show and the collection has become a bit crazy. Lovely to see him on fabrics in the UK though!

The only real tradition I seem to have these days is leaving things until the last minute in December, and making a quilt was no exception. In hindsight, as usual, not the sort of thing that should be done quickly. 

I tried to make the quilt topper (check me out - like I know the words haha) a bit more interesting than just squares. So squares and triangles it is. It was based loosely on a design from Pinterest however the colour combinations makes mine more of an 'interpretive star' than a star. I like it though. It has charm.

This was not an easy make as I mixed up blocks here there and everywhere - but I'm quite proud to say I took the time to unpick and fix where possible instead of just leaving it and that paid off in the long run. 

Stash was on my side again and I found a piece of wadding which I could frankenstein into the right size for the center.

Enter Minerva right on cue a couple of weeks ago when they offered some festive fabrics up to try - perfect! I chose a lovely emerald green cotton with metallic gold stars for the backing of the quilt and it was so wide it fit like a dream. You can see my Minerva posts here if you fancy a peek. 

I gave it my best shot at 'quilting' although the backing fabric got caught and puckered a fair bit. Again I did take the time to unpick and sort that out so it looks reasonable. If not entirely ironed.

 Bizarrely my favourite part of this whole project was doing the bias binding - by hand. Whhaaaattttt.

Having just finished work for the year I spent a lovely couple of hours stitching the binding down whilst watching some sewing vlogs and having a coffee and it was heaven. Ah the joy of a bit of a break. Another little task I'm thankful for having done properly as the finished results look fab. (Well, by my standards anyway. Real Quilters out there are probably having a heart attack looking at this.)

And Just Like That.....(can you tell what I was also watching?) a Snoopy Quilt arrived in our household. 

And seconds later.... Bagel Cat decided to give it a test and it met with approval, reserved for cat naps and evening treats. 

Not to leave our little shelled fellas out of matters I also made a mini-version from the scraps. As the boys are  hibernating, Esther gave this the once over to see if she wanted to take it into her own hibernation in a week or so. 

I will take that as a yes. 

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  1. I absolutely love this quilt! The star design is clear and those fabrics are just amazing. I'm now off to search for Snoopy Christmas fabrics as I would love some of them. I am with you on handsewing on the binding - it is my favourite part of making a quilt too. There's something so satisfying about it. I also find it quite meditative and calming, plus you can watch TV whilst sewing!

    1. Thank you! I hope you found some fabric its so cute, there's also summer Snoopy out there now too. TV + Sewing is a great combination I agree! :)