It's Back and its Hacked - Kew Skirt

 It's been about 2 seconds since I last posted about the Kew pattern from Nina Lee but I thought it deserved another little squeeze onto the blog.... just one more.

The versatility of this pattern is wonderful, as I have previously raved about - sleeve options, skirt options, size inclusion. Mwah :chef kiss:

This project started with the fabric - some wonderful quality rayon from Nerida Hansen. I mean - look at it. There was no way I was passing up on this wonder containing all my favourite things! The design is by The Scenic Route, an Australian illustrator of beautiful things.

I fancied making a button front skirt but came to a massive indecision about the pattern to use as I needed a bit of elastic in the waistband. 

My waistline seems to go in and out with the tides these days so there was a definite need for a bit of 'forgiveness' in that area so there are no makes I can only wear once then not fit into anymore. I had overlooked the Kew skirt at first because of it's fixed waistband - but then I realized those rules don't matter and hacked it. Cos' we can do that.

Boom. Elasticated back waistband. Business at the front, party at the back.

If you want to do this hack - keep the front pieces exactly how they are, they can look all lovely and flat from the front view.

For the back piece - add about 6" to the width of the pattern (about 3" from centre back on fold). Same again for the back waistband piece. That gives you some elastic gathering room for comfy factor!

 (Now let's not pretend it was as easy as that. I initially cut my back piece like a rectangle, the entire width of the hem. When I inserted the elastic into the waistband to bring it in, it was comically huge. I realised I only needed a bit of give that could get over my hips, not an entire blanket of fabric at the back. I chopped out a huge chunk of fabric so this one now has a center back. And I ended up with what should have been a very easy hack to start with.)

 Quite happy to have persevered with this one as the result is really wearable. To attach the elastic I inserted it near the side seam and secured it with a row of stitching. It then got threaded through the back waistband and pinned to the other side seam while I checked the fit. Once happy I just secured that through the waistband too with another stitch line. 

Finishing touches were the buttons that I popped on. These were from Turtlebird. They are functioning button holes but again, I probably should have realized that wasn't necessary as the skirt goes on and off with the elastic! Doh.

Another skirt for the arsenal. It's bringing me out of my anti-skirt mindset as they are a heck of a lot easier to fit that trousers....

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  1. Linda (ACraftyScrivener)24 June 2022 at 12:46

    What a great hack and the skirt is fabulous!!!! Love that fabric and thanks for the link though everything is sold out :-(

  2. Thank you! Oh no - I hope they bring it out again it's so much fun x