Belt Up Fifi - Agnes is Here

 Despite the slightly aggressive title, this is quite a nice post! Let me explain... (Grab a coffee it's a long one.)

Having tried on about 100 pairs of wide leg trousers in various shops, obviously none of them fit. I then bought the Closet Core Mitchell Trousers when they first came out with good intention of getting stuck into those. It didn't happen. I think the complexity and lack of time on my part put me off. They are still on the list, but relegated to next autumn!

Style Arc then popped up with the new Spencer Woven Pant which looked a more casual style. I am a fan of Style ARc and the fit so whizzed up a toile. Ohhh they were not good. The pattern is probably fine but the front pleats gave me some seriously unwanted crotch volume. 

Plus I have realized a fixed waistband just doesn't work for me anymore. They fit on about 1 day every revolution around the center of the Milky Way.

The very wise Fabric Wrangler then had a word and gently stated 'You don't have to reinvent the wheel' in her mystical Oracle way. 

Hmm.. you're right. I don't have to reinvent the wheel - but I can whack a belt on it. 

Enter my TNT pattern - Style Arc Fifi Woven Pants. Of which I made many last year. 

The flat front style and wide waistband are much more flattering for me. (Although I have been informed we're not allowed to say 'flattering' anymore but tough, there it is).

To get that 'trouser' feel I thought it might be nice to add some belt loops so that the back elastic would be hidden a little and create a 'fixed waistband' illusion. I then got carried away and decided to make a matching belt!

I had some amazing teal stretch linen from Minerva bought for a Heather Blazer, however I pilfered it for this project instead.  

I did add some top stitching to create a faux fly and back yoke detail however I should have used a brighter, more contrasting thread as you actually can't see it!

This great video tutorial popped up on Minerva by pure fluke on the day I'd decided to tackle the belt. It made the whole measurement and construction process so easy. 

Essentially you measure waist + 30cm and interface a strip of fabric.This gets stitched and voila, the base of your belt is done.

The fun part is cracking out gadgets. I have a belt hole punch which I use for rivets, snaps etc and eyelets so this got used. I also have a Big Green Machine that makes inserting such hardware a breeze so it gave me a chance to play with that too.

And comfortable wide leg trousers were achieved! They don't look the greatest from the back but I figured that's not my problem I can't see it. 

The stretch of the linen makes them very comfortable to wear and aids with pulling over the hips. It was lovely material to work with and I'd definitely buy some more. Obviously as it's linen, they do crease as soon as you look at them.

 A little added extra to this post is my attempt at a Tilly and the Buttons Agnes Top. I bought this after it was re-released in the extended size range. I think I made a Size 8 thinking I didn't want it too tight but I did have to take it in a bit and is more of a Size 7. 

It's a fairly simple sew, not much to tell you about that! The instructions are very clear and illustrated in true Tilly style. It's more of a wider neck than I'm used to but I don't hate it. 

 What I do love is the beautiful jersey bought from Hey Sew Sister - this is the Monet Waterlillies cotton jersey and the quality is wonderful. Do check out Georgie's fabric shop - not only is she a lovely human but her fabric choices are gorgeous. 

 Topped off with a little silvery moon sewing label by Sarah Hearts.

If you made it down here well done and thank you! Wishing you all a great week. 

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  1. Ooh well done they look fab, I’ve never made a belt but yours looks lovely. I agree about front darts, whoever invented those needs shooting (or is that banned too lol? And what is wrong with flattering??!!)
    Elastic waists and stretch fabric is the future…..and so are matching belts now you made them sound so easy!
    I can also highly recommend stylearc Barb pants they are my fave x

    1. Ooo i will check out the Barb pants that sounds interesting! Thank you for your lovely comment it made me chuckle :)

  2. Jacqueline Grant4 August 2023 at 12:37

    Can you just make mine for me please, because the instructions are horrific. I use the term 'instructions' very very loosely ...

    1. I've just seen this!! Yeahhh there's no instructions and I wandered so far from them they were hard to see...