Kalle Hacking

 I don't think a year has gone by when I haven't made a version of the Kalle shirt pattern by Closet Core

It has been on the blog several times in several guises but I thought it was worth another mention. If you came here for construction and sizing do search my site as there is plenty there.

This time I went for a little pattern hacking to see if I could pop some interesting details on my favourite shirt. 

 After browsing Pinterest I came across a really pretty two-tone collar detail and fell in love. Lo' and Behold, I then saw it again some time later on a sewing pattern! Ose Patterns have a shirt called the Polly Top with this exact detail on it. I must be clear, I would absolutely have bought the Ose Patterns version had it been in my size, unfortunately I fell out of their size range and it was not possible.

Not to worry - I cracked out pen and paper and just drafted my own which was a lot easier than expected. I took the original collar piece, traced it, drew on my new lines and snipped it apart. Add some seam allowance and there we have a new collar. 

The not so easy bit was constructing the collar and sewing that inside corner...twice. Let's just say it took some practice!

 Once the collar was done, the rest of the shirt was as normal, save for a little strip of black fabric across the back yoke to add a bit more detail. 

I have now made the dress, tunic and cropped versions of this pattern - this one is a hybrid. I straightened off the hem and it's now hip length and sits nicely with jeans.

This fabric is PawPrint Patrol by Minerva, one of their exclusive prints which you can find here. (Paid for not gifted!) I just absolutely adore the soft blue and contrast colours on it. I'm also pleased to report I have already worn this shirt - woo!

 Excuse the photos which looks like I'm half asleep with a cat whizzing on me. 

The trousers here are the Saguaro Pants by Friday Pattern company made in a heavy crepe. I'll do another post about those soon as I have adjusted the pattern slightly and do have plans for more. To summarize though - comfy. 

 I also just realized I never posted my 2022 version of this shirt, also made in March - so here you go - double whammy. Also if you are like me and have forgotten what the sun looks like, here's a quick reminder.

This is the cropped version in some super cute fabric called 'Warbler Birds' from Lamazi

Different year, same ol' pose. I haven'#t worn this very much due to it being very cropped however I will give that look another go this year when it warms up a bit. 

I don't want to mislead anyone into thinking all my sewing is wearable, you just get to see the good projects as a whole. There have been major disasters along the way and I have blogged about those. That being said I must have been pleased with this make:

Many thanks for stopping by and seeing, yet again, the Kalle shirt. 

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  1. Well done, it looks like a designer top with that collar detail. I’m glad you said not all of your stuff is wearable, it’s good to know I’m not alone!! I’m just adding a collar to a summer dress which has driven me half mad with pleats. I made the same pattern but a different view a few years ago and it was too tight, so I actually (amazing for me!) bothered to unpick the waistband and add on extra bits. Now it’s a bit loose so I thought I’d stick to the original pattern piece….added the button bands last night and think I need magic miracle knickers before the waistband will survive me breathing!!!
    Either that or give up wine and chocolate….
    Next time I’m back on smocked dresses!
    Seaside Karen x

    1. Thanks Karen! Oh goodness that sounds like a task! Chocolate and smocking all the way heehee x