Christmas Creature Crafting

 Hello all - just popping on with a little festive ridiculousness.

Sewing has very much taken a backseat as my chemo treatment started but I managed to do a little bit of knitting this month. 

Starting off with the obvious choice of 'what shall I knit today' - sweaters for frogs.

These 2 likely lads were treated to a new Christmas jumper each. 

Barnham the Frog sporting a sparkly white little number with adorned tree. There is a sequin star at the top but his roll neck hides it. Short neck problems.

Turner the Frog went for a striking red knit with felt holly berry motif and beading.

The frogs had a great ol' time decorating their mini Christmas Tree. Check out their slippers.

Dot Pebbles (aka Clare Garland) then released a new Reindeer pattern and of course, being a big fan of hers I had to make him immediately. 

Meet René the Reindeer. An absolute pleasure to create. He has a wire skeleton inside, wired legs and antlers making them all bendy and poseable.I love that all the patterns are anatomically correct and include all the hind leg undulations and features of an animal.

Which reminds me, I never shared the lovely Bat that came out at Halloween. Here is Cloud the Bat:

The next project was a quick little one but equally as cute. I usually make my friend's little girls a knitted treat at Christmas and this year we went for Robins!

These little cuties have long dangly legs and a tail at the back aswell. The roundness is adorable. Pattern from FluffandFuzz (aka Amanda Berry) called 'Jolly Robin'.

I hope everyone manages to find a bit of peace at what can be a stressful and weird time of year. 2023 can go and get F$%$*d in my opinion so here's wishing one and all a Happy New Year! x

Merry Christmas from the Crafty Clyde Crew!

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  1. Those frogs are delightful! I hope your treatment goes well and you have a lovely Christmas and new year.

    1. Thank you so much - wishing you happy new year :)

  2. Oh those little jumpers are delightful! Your frogs look so cosy :)

  3. These look great. I really miss your blog, so I’m always pleased when you post. I hope your treatment goes well. Happy Christmas, and I wish you a return to good health in 2024.

    1. What a lovely comment thank you so much, I often wonder if many people read :) Wishing you a lovely New Year x