Mission Missoni

So here it is all complete!

From this....
To this!

It got a bit hair raising at the beginning as after carefully cutting out the pieces, a pin got stuck in my overlocker and essentially 'chewed' off the shoulder! After much re-threading and fixing and a careful bit of attaching the shoulder seams with what was left of the allowance it was ready to crack on....

The cuffs and hem were overlocked and then hand stitched in place to form neat edges, the neckline is banded with royal blue woollen binding.

I rather like it - its a bit 70s - and I'm not sure if I look like a frumpy librarian at certain angles but hey, I'm now the proud owner of a handmade Missoni dress from San Francisco!


  1. Totally not a frumpy librarian - it looks fabulous!! Nobody else in the world has a dress like that, and I think that's brilliant :-)

  2. That's very kind indeed thank you x