Secret Sewing

It's that time of year when crafters begin to panic....did I leave it too long?! I'm talking about sewing gifts for Christmas. (Don't panic friends and family - not all of you are getting homemade goods!)

It doesn't make for great blogging when you can't actually write about what you are making for fear of ruining a (nice?) surprise...

Clyde guarding the goodies...

But when do you start, how many weekends do you have before Xmas, how much can you really get done?! I have JUST made a start on a list a mile long of things I would like to make for people, however subtract a few weekends of not being here, Xmas party hangover days and working - I think I may have to get realistic and recalculate nearer the time! Folks you may be getting a lovely 'welcome to spring' present instead.

Not only is sewing gifts on the agenda, where do you stop? Tree decorations, aprons, stockings, place mats, gift bags, comedy size snowman decoration.... anyone out there sew up a storm for Christmas? 

January may see a deluge of posts all about the presents I DID make, after they can be revealed! Coming up in the next week or two I will however be doing a little tree decoration tutorial! :-)

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