How to make an ice pack / heat pack

You may find yourself with loads of scrap fabric. I thought I'd try and find a few ways of putting these to use as its such a shame to waste nice prints!

This tutorial is for a really simple ice pack / heat pack. Great for super hot weather - stick it in the freezer for an hour and you have a refreshing cold pack. Perfect for cold weather - microwave it for 45 seconds and you have a cosy heat pack!

Make these in any size, shape and colour - its really just rice in a bag!

You will need:
  • Rice
  • Fabric
  • Thread
Step 1 - Cutting

Cut out your desired shape. I've gone for a simple square to show you. You could make all kinds of things; flowers, bears, circles, whatever! Just so long as you can cut 2 identical pieces

Step 2 - Pin and sew

Place the fabric pieces together, right sides facing and pin around the edge. You need to leave room for the rice to go in, so leave a couple of inches open along one side. Sew around the edges!

Step 3 - Fill it up

Turn inside out and fill with rice! You want it about 1/2 or 3/4 full of rice so that its bendy and the grains can move around.

Step 4 - Close it up

Fold the opening inwards and stitch down to seal the pack shut. Voila! Finished packs!! Heat or freeze as you like :-)

Happy heating and cooling.... :-)

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