Reclaimed fabric - Bringing back the bees!

Just a quick post to show you how I altered the pleated skirt used for my previous post and tutorial on how to make a pleated skirt.
I was saving the fabric for something special as I loved the bees, and really should have gone with my gut feeling. It's nice sewing new styles and trying new patterns out - but as far as wearable items go, you need to make what you are going to actually wear! I bet there are many of you out there with a pile of homemade clothes that just don't get worn as they are not really our style.

I'm really not a pleated skirt person it turns out - way too girly - it just felt wrong. So out came the seam ripper and and hour later I had reclaimed a meter and a half of bee fabric and a full waist band and zip! Like magic... It took some serious steam ironing to get the creases out but once done I was left with a pre-hemmed large rectangle of fabric.
I love pencil skirts, easy to wear, comfy and don't blow around in a breeze. I used my regular self drafted skirt pattern and cut out pieces from the reclaimed fabric. The length was obviously restricted from the already sewn hem and width of fabric but it seemed fine. Then it was just a case of reattaching the waist band and zip!
Moral of the story, sew for your style if it's one you definitely want to keep!
Before the seam ripping!


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