Lined Zip Pouch Tutorial - Make up bag/Headphone holder/Pencil case - Whatever!

Here is a simple little tutorial for making those handy zip pouches that you see all over the show. Use them for anything! I love making these its so quick to do and uses up lots of scrap fabric.

You will need:

  • 2 rectangles outer fabric
  • 2 rectangles lining fabric (I was making a wash bag so used laminated cotton - waterproof plastic coated cotton fabric perfect for the inside of toiletry bags)
  • 1 zip

Step 1 - Cut out your fabric

Decide how big you want your bag and cut 2 outer pieces, 2 lining pieces and if you want it sturdier, iron on some interfacing to the outer fabric. My laminated cotton was sturdy enough so I didn't bother. The zip needs to be the same length as the side of rectangle you want the opening at (if that makes sense).

Step 2 - Attach the zip

Now I apologise for some poor photo instructions here. What you need to do is place the zip across the top of the outer fabric, FACE DOWN. i.e. the zip is upside down on top of your nice outer fabric. Then place the inner fabric on top of this, so the right sides of the fabric are touching each other and the zip is trapped between the two layers across the top edge. Pin it across the top edge of the zipper tape all in place to hold it together.
Can you see the zip trapped?
Pin the 2 layers and zip together - zip sandwich.

 Put the zipper foot on your sewing machine and sew the layers into place close to the zip edge.

sew it all down securely
Once sewn you can fold back the layers so the pretty sides are showing and your zip should be all attached where it should be!

This is what you should now have - hopefully

Repeat on the second side of the zip tape. Remember that the zip should be face down on the outer fabric to get it the right way round.
Second side
Once both sides are sewn on, when you open it out you should have a side of outer fabric and a side of lining fabric attached nicely.
Inside layer
Outer layer with the zip the right side up
Step 3 - Make the pouch

What you now need to do is place the outer fabric pieces right sides together and pin around the edge. Then place the lining pieces right sides together and pin but leaving a small gap (4 inches approx) for turning inside out. A good tip here is to slide your zipper down half way at this point. When you come to turning everything inside out it will be a lot easier to grab hold of that if its fully closed - you'll see what I mean.
Slide the zip halfway
Pin outer fabric right sides together; lining fabric right sides together
Leave a gap at the bottom of the lining half
Now sew all the way around the square. Start at the open edge of the lining gap and go all the way around, passing over the zipper tape on both ends (make sure the open zipper end lines up before you sew over it to ensure the zip is neat when turning inside out) and then end sewing at the other open edge of the lining gap.
All sewn up

Step 4 - Turn inside out (or right way round!)

This may be a bit tricky, but pull the bag through the gap you left in the lining. At this point you need to reach in and fully undo the zip - that is why we left it half open when sewing - so you can grab it. If you didn't you need to grab it through the fabric and coax it open. Keep pulling it all through.

Reach in and undo the zip - start turning inside out
You now have this
Step 5 - Secure the lining and turn inwards

Pin the gap of the lining that now remains. You can hand stitch it neatly so stitching is invisible - or you can just machine a line clear across the bottom. (It is on the inside of your bag after all). I went for the lazy sew straight across it route.

Pin the gap shut and stitch across to secure
Now push your lining into the outer fabric to create your pouch!

All done!
Step 6 - Use it for stuff

New wash bag for overnight stays!
Teeny tiny one for headphones - no more handbag tangle - added tag just in case it went on a keyring
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  1. Lovely tutorial! I have tried so many times to make one of these but it never turns out ok because once I turn it right side out the top corners where the zip is along the top never turn out neat like yours. What a great idea to use laminated cotton for lining! Mandy x

    1. Just make sure when you sew over the top of them they are lined up exactly, both sides of zip stacked up on top of each other :-) Glad you liked it! x

    2. Thanks for that tip. Much appreciated. Mandy x

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