Burdastyle - 50 Best Bloggers for Sewing Enthusiasts!


I just thought I would do a little post to announce that Sew What Are You Waiting For has been nominated in Burdastyle's Top 50 Best Sewing Blogs!

Burdastyle is a fantastic online sewing community where people can upload their creations, learn new techniques, acquire patterns, share ideas and get help with all things sewing related. This is where I started to learn to sew about 5 years ago...from this website. A few years ago I also featured in their Sewing Handbook


Thank you very much to Burdastyle for adding me to the list I am very grateful.

I am under no illusions of winning anything, its a pleasure just to make the list, however if you did fancy hopping over there and giving me a vote that would be much appreciated! Just follow the links on this post or the icon at top right of the blog. :-) Thank you to those who have, you are all awesome.

If anyone wants to vote or take a look at Burdastyle and how it works - here it is.

See you soon :) xx

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