A new start to sewing...

Let me explain the radio silence - we've moved house! After almost 3 years trying to sell our little city flat we finally did it! I've just spent the last 10 days working a 12 hour day doing DIY, cleaning, painting and decorating (mostly - big shout out to Ross Barber), constructing furniture and eating takeaway  - man does that novelty wear off fast - plus rewarding ourselves with a nightly glass/bottle of celebratory wine to reward a day well spent. I now have the knees and back of a 90 year old and a mild drinking problem. 

During these very intense 10 days I've discovered I can be a serious bitch when tired and hungry :-( although this is apparently remedied quite well with Curly Wurlys (U.S readers if you are not familiar with these please get yourself some imported) and that I have a strange fondness for painting skirting board. Meanwhile my lovely patient other half has morphed into Tool Time Tim (anyone else remember that?).

So its now finally resembling a place to live - and the sewing relevance to all this is... new sewing studio!!

It still has a fair way to go before being completely ready however please expect many home furnishing tutorials over the next month or so - quite selfishly because I really need curtains and blinds - so we'll be doing some of those on the blog here. I thought I might give roman blinds a go and see how that pans out. If anyone has made these and has some tips do let me know! x

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  1. Congrats on your move! How great to have a sewing studio! I love the humour in your writing. It's good for spirit lifting!
    Look forward to further sewing posts. Mandy x

  2. Thanks Mandy I'm glad I'm keeping someone amused with my rambling! x