Printed Patterns - Burdastyle's Tea Dress

Hello all...I do apologise for the lack of posts however life has been a little hectic of late and my sewing room is getting boxed up therefore the actual sewing portion of this blog may have to go on pause for a while.

I can however still cruise for patterns and the latest little lovely I spotted was this Tea Dress on Burdastyle.

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I love how its got that effortlessly chic look about it - You can't see from the picture but the dress has capped sleeves cut across the shoulder.

Picture from Burdastyle.con
 I have a massive heap of Black Prada fabric just begging to be made into something fabulous (once I have a fully functioning sewing room again) and I think this may be the pattern. (Available from Minerva crafts) The fabric is crepe one side and silky satin on the other, therefore it would be perfect winter attire, as tights would not stick to the satin insides of the dress, and there's no faffing about lining it.

I was also thinking, to make it a little more interesting, reversing the under arm panel - so the dress is matte black with shiny satin panels at the sides.

Burdastyle have a massive catalogue of patterns available and they are all 'Print at Home'. Just download the file and print away! You do have to spend an eternity cutting and pasting it altogether though - this one was about 50 pages!

I also have found Burdastyle patterns to be a little on the large size, even when using the measuring chart properly - this one will probably require a  practise run in some rubbish fabric or muslin cloth in order to get the sizing right before cutting into anything decent.

Has anyone out there much experience of sewing Burda patterns? Would love to hear your opinion and tips! :-)

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  1. I have been using Burda magazine patterns for 40 years. Yes I know, a very long time and I cannot speak highly enough of them. Sizing is very consistent and once you take all of your measurements from their sizing chart and I do mean all of your measurements, and work out the differences in width and length, you will have a good idea to what you really are. It is a good idea to get someone who sews to take your measurements. I hope you find your size easily and as you get older and your body changes, Burda will always have a size for you.

    1. That is very helpful thank you - I think I will do full set measurements and match it up carefully this time to get a good fit. The instructions seem quite clear which is great.