Happy New Year! Sewing room sneak preview...

Happy New Year to all - I hope 2015 is treating everyone well so far.

It has been a lovely long break here and the sewing room is all up and running and functional thanks to some much needed time off over the holidays. I just thought I would share some pics as well as some lovely little sewing related gifts I was very lucky to receive. A mega trip to Ikea resulted in a fully Swedish based kitted out room!

Sewing room sponsored by Ikea
These Kallax cabinets are very useful indeed for stashing away all that accumulated/hoarded fabric and the green shelving stores books nicely and is a haven for hiding messier items and UFOs away.

The dress form is in with a long mirror for adjustments. Couldn't resist the ladybird seat. To be fair its a kids item but whatever - this was much encouraged by my sister who I believe said 'do it man - people could, you know, hang out on it'. Sold. Giant ladybird seat is surely an essential piece of furniture right?

This bit of space invader wall art is an incredible gift from a very talented friend indeed :-)

How great is this for organisation?! Again I was very luck and grateful to receive these beautiful little pin boxes. I believe they are from Next.

Full of treats!

Another fabulous friend Angie kindly got me a lovely sewing machine hand painting on a 100 year old book print (as well as a banana case which happily houses all my machine tools and presser feet!). Mason jars proved a handy home for stray buttons and the master piece - this could not have been more perfect - a measuring tape tortoise frame!!!! I may have to add a photo of Clyde shortly - he's in hibernation now and we miss his little green beastie-ness around. 

I have been having a great debate as to whether to continue with the blog or not this year - I think I will carry on for now and see how it goes - never sure if I'm just chatting away to myself :-) If you feel like saying hello or anything at all comments are all welcome! Don't forget I'm on Facebook, Twitter or Bloglovin too xxx


  1. Ahhh! So many cute things! I always look at those ladybug seats when I'm in ikea, they're so fun :) Although anything from the kids section in ikea is pretty awesome.

    1. Glad I'm not the only one! Couldn't resist....