The Half Circle Skirt - Love it or Hate it

I have been a bit obsessed with a purple skirt and stripe t-shirt after seeing a photo on Burdastyle on their blog section ages ago. I looked all over to find one online but then had a word with myself and realised I could just make it.

Now I'm not ordinarily a fan of circle skirts and they are a bit too girl for my liking however I think the look I was going for called for one in this case. I have however toned down the twirl by making it a half circle instead. It takes out a bit of the fullness but leaves movement.

Now I love a bit of maths so this was great - remember C=2πr?? No? Shame on you.

You need to crack out the Pi formulae to create circle skirt patterns, but they are so simple to draft and sew up its a good beginners project.

C= circumference. ie. Yours. Around your waist. 

We are after r (radius). The length you need to draw out your circle.

r = C / (2π) This is for a full circle skirt by the way. For a half circle use: r = 2C / (2π)

OR you can use this rather fabulous application from By Hand London!

Take a sheet of paper and from one corner draw out your radius. See how long you want your skirt to be, add to the radius and draw another massive quarter circle. Voila - your pattern. Take your fabric and fold it in half (fold down he left hand side). Pop on your pattern, pin and cut. You have one massive piece of circular fabric with a waist! I wasn't going to do a tutorial as there seem to be a million of them out there including here. However should anyone want a step by step tutorial doing by all means I will - just pop a comment in the box at the end! x

I used an invisible zip and also lined the fabric with anti-static lining so I can wear tights underneath in this cold weather. The fabric is a beautiful heavy crepe fabric from Minerva.

Sun in eyes NOT a Forsyth impression

I also acquired a pair of these rather marvellous Pamela Mann tights first seen on RetroChick's blog to go with it.

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