What a Liberty!

Today I just wanted to take a look at a couple of gorgeous fabrics by Liberty of London.

It isn't something I thought I would like having always seen Liberty as very floral and twee however I was doing myself out of some good fabric finds.

It all stemmed from finding this AMAZING fabric - involving two of my favourite things, both lizards and tortoises no less (swoon). I had no idea it was a Liberty print when I saw the image but it certainly changed my mind about the designer. I figured this was a slightly more grown up way of getting reptile print into my clothing right? (A possible Anna dress me-thinks)

Gustav and Otto by Liberty of London
 I found it on a fantastic website AliceCaroline who sells a vast range of Liberty prints, sometimes ones not available through Liberty themselves. I'm not kidding I bought reems of this stuff...and its beautiful! Its 'tana cotton lawn' and has like a silk feel about it but with the sturdier less-flimsy quality of cotton.

There are some cool pigeon/doves in our new garden that alway eat our neighbours berries and when I saw a fabric that reminded me of them - 'Strawberry Thief' -  another deal was done.

Said bird...
 I have a simple shift dress in mind for the dark blue version - and well the other is all bright and tropical so I just got that for the stash...

I ordered the Tropical one from AliceCaroline and the Blue version from Liberty directly. Look what they sent!! What a treat....I felt so guilty it wasn't a gift :-/

How special is that!
Just so you can see colours...AliceCaroline purchase
Now these are some fabrics I don't want to mess up....I've selected a very simple shift dress pattern and will try with that, instructions and all...

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  1. Gorgeous! My Liberty fabric sits untouched...I am too nervous to cut into it!

    1. Yeah this is definitely going to require a muslin first! My rate of screwed up projects is on the rise, I dont trust myself!

    2. Just letting you know of a name change :)