Black Prada Dress - Is it Amish?

Another day another Prada dress..... but this one took significantly less time to make - one weekend it turns out. Do you ever get those random bursts of sewing energy? I try to take full advantage and finish what I can when the mood is like that!

Lovely fabric again from MinervaCrafts - they have 11 colours of this stuff by the way!!

I wanted to try sleeves on this one so trial and error, whacked some on there - as usual it didn't fit first time around so made the armholes much wider to accommodate a small sleeve. Considering this is my self-drafted TNT pattern, I had to make a lot of adjustments to fit it which is odd, not sure I've changed shape that much! These dresses have been a lesson in going back to basics - the next bit of clothing I make will be from an actual pattern with actual instructions and everything....weird.

It is exactly the same as the other one except with sleeves....and a bit longer as this one didn't get chopped up. I can't help but feel a bit dowdy in it - I think its the neckline - something just isn't quite right. But neither can I be bothered to fix it. It reminds me of those Amish dresses that are a bit like shapeless dresses with head holes in the top.


I have therefore attempted to jazz it up a bit with heels and a spiky belt to feel less weird. And have worn actual makeup which is unusual for this blog! (Just had those semi-permanent eyebrows done - amazing).

Bit more awkward posing...

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  1. Very pretty -- doesn't look Amish! You could definitely amp up the style with a bright shoe.

    1. Good idea indeed - I am going to take that as authority to go and find a new pair immediately..... :-)